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My Idea for G.O.

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If (1)(S) Bus needs to return to Bowling Green (4)(5)/Battery Park stop. Few weekends ago in past, it stop there, but not anymore.


Why is (2)(S) Express Bus always use 96th St, CPW, Frederick Douglass Blvd, 145th St, 149th St Bridge, 149th St. Can they use Broadway instead since it's non-stop.

(3)(S) Bus need to be expanded to 96th St Station with layover on 95th St/Broadway NE corner.

Local (2) Shuttle Bus and (3) shuttle Bus should stop at 110th St/CPW-Frederick Douglass Blvd, so (2)(3) passengers can switch to (C) train.


(A) Shuttle Bus need to stop at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and Broad Channel Library upon request.


Ft. Washington Avenue (A)(S) need to extend to Cloisters Museum during museum hours since M4 bus does not take dollar bills.

This (A) Shuttle Bus North of 168th St is causing lots of problems for tourists who trying to get to/from Cloisters Museum.

If that happened, tourist wouldn"t have to walk to subway station and get change for dollar bills.

Far Rockaway trains should be express in Brooklyn and Ozone park trains should be local in Brooklyn.


For (D) G.O via Broadway.

Grand St (S) could use 2(S) Trains instead of one.


What do you think?

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The purpose of shuttle buses for subway lines is to provide service to those stations NOT to be extended to other parts for the "heck" of it. All of your ideas would add more waste of money.

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