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What train does not stop at Jamaica?


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As of Feb. 13, 2009

Trains that don't stop at Jamaica, but run through the platformed tracks:


1612 leaving Penn for Massapequa Park

1634 leaving Penn for Babylon

1637 leaving Penn for Wantagh

1652 leaving Penn for Babylon

1657 leaving Penn for Wantagh

1703 leaving Penn for Freeport

1719 leaving Penn for Wantagh

1736 leaving Penn for Babylon

1740 leaving Penn for Seaford

1747 leaving Penn for Freeport

1759 leaving Penn for Babylon

1805 leaving Penn for Wantagh

1805 leaving Penn for Babylon (not the same as above)

1810 leaving Penn for Freeport


1732 leaving Penn for Far Rockaway

1802 leaving Penn for Far Rockaway


1720 leaving Penn for Long Beach

1755 leaving Penn for Long Beach


1706 leaving Penn for Huntington

1717 leaving Penn for Huntington

1735 leaving Penn for Huntington

1801 leaving Penn for Hicksville


1624 leaving Penn for Ronkonkoma

1651 leaving Penn for Ronkonkoma

1722 leaving Penn for Ronkonkoma

1741 leaving Penn for Ronkonkoma

1753 leaving Penn for Ronkonkoma


0631 leaving Lindenhurst for Penn

0632 leaving Babylon for Penn

0657 leaving Freeport for Penn

0656 leaving Wantagh for Penn

0711 leaving Massapequa Park for Penn

0729 leaving Freeport for Penn

0726 leaving Wantagh for Penn

0743 leaving Merrick for Penn

0748 leaving Wantagh for Penn

0810 leaving Freeport for Penn

0745 leaving Babylon for Penn


0712 leaving Hempstead for Penn

0803 leaving Hempstead for Penn


0704 leaving Long Beach for Penn

0723 leaving Long Beach for Penn

0803 leaving Long Beach for Penn


0506 leaving Speonk for Penn


0712 leaving Huntington for Penn

0729 leaving Hicksville for Penn

0728 leaving Cold Spring Harbor for Penn

0645 leaving Port Jefferson for Hunterspoint (could be LIC)

0737 leaving Huntington for Penn


0624 leaving Ronkonkoma for Penn

0657 leaving Farmingdale for Penn

0654 leaving Central Islip for Penn

0704 leaving Ronkonkoma for Penn

0719 leaving Ronkonkoma for Penn


Trains that bypass Jamaica on separate tracks:


1729 leaving Flatbush for Huntington

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That last one of Amtrak7's is what I am looking for... Is there any photos or videos on the 1729? And what is LIC? Long Island Connection?


And I never expected so many trains to bypass Jamaica!


Long Island City. Hunters Point Avenue is in LIC.

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Long Island City. Hunters Point Avenue is in LIC.

It should be noted that while HPA is in Long Island City, it is not the same as the Long Island City terminal, which is utilized by only 10 revenue trains per day, only during rush hour, and only on weekdays.

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