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Does the MTA do QA's on conductors?

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I don't think they have secret shoppers but for the t/o sometimes you'd have a supervisor pop into your train

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Yes they do. they are called, TSS's, Superintendents, Dispatchers, Managers, Control Center workers, etc. You never know who is riding your train. TSS's usually will get on (they will sneak on, and I hear some do wear plain clothes).

At least when they are off duty, most of them try to be off duty (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). Dispatchers usually don't get involved at all in this, but they are our immediate Supervisors also. Superintendents on up, are on duty 24/7, and are expected to throw their swollen powers around, or place it on your forehead. Superintendents, some do, some don't, Managers on up, most have to show their power. Just do your job, you won't have a problem........

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