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How do you feel about pedestrians?

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I know I ask too much questions and how do you feel about pedestrians when you"re riding buses or driving cars?

Everytime when I'm crossing on crosswalk or J-crosswalking, I always look both ways, even on green or red light.


Pedestrians are not paying any attention to cars, buses when they're crossing streets.

I remember one time when NYPD Police Car had siren blaring and it was approaching 86th St along 5th Av, and people were still crossing and police were yelling to megaphone, "DON'T CROSS IN FRONT OF POLICE."


Even on lightrails, they do not look both way to see if lightrails are coming.

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I think many pedestrians and people for that much are lacking common sense and are imbecils. You really can't be serious with the amount of stupidity you see everytime you drive around. Women especially with their cell phones or just trying to catch a cab... Unbelievable how dumb folks are because they do it right in front of you. They are practically almost a hood ornament and they go about their business like they are the only person alive. Eventually they will get theirs though. I yell out to people so they won't get hit but they look at me like i am crazy. i walk everywhere because i live in midtown born and raised and i never have had an incident like that but then again i'm not that stupid I have common sense.

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You really can't be serious with the amount of stupidity you see everytime you drive around. Women especially with their cell phones or just trying to catch a cab... Unbelievable how dumb folks are because they do it right in front of you.


:eek:That's horrible! I mean, yes, I have seen females be a bit careless (others of course, definitely not me :)), but men are just the same, especially when thier neck is practically doing a 360 to look at a female ;).


What's really bad is this "text walking" craze...

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It doesn't matter if they're walking or driving, people in general are just horribly stupid. They're in their own little world where everything revolves around them and when something happens to these special snowflakes, they sue and mostly end up winning.


You think cops and emergencies mean anything on Planet Mr. Self Important Blackberry User or on one of the many moons of Planet Ms. My Makeup Deserves More Attention Than You(which I've seen from both female drivers and pedestrians.)?

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I disagree, my family goes to flushing a lot of the times as well as friends (all chinese). And they look both ways and rarely Jay Walk unless if it is a long street and the crossing is like a couple blocks away... But we always Jay-Walk around the corners...


I have seen few people also Jay-Walk but looks both ways (mostly one way though)...


That's just you. There are billions (exaggerating, and no pun intended) of other people who don't. Trust me, I'm there almost every single day when there's school.

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?!?! I don't know what is happening when you go there... ?!?!


Then allow me to explain.


Especially along the intersections on Main Street, if there are no cars coming, people will cross, even if there is a red light. If there is a car coming, people will continue to cross against the light until the car has to stop right in front of the crosswalk because there are so many people crossing and the driver doesn't want to run anyone over. If there are a line of cars turning on a green light, but they are stopped because of a traffic buildup, people will cross between them.


Visit Main Street on weekends or on weekday afternoons. Then you'll see what I mean.

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Well here's the thing, I'm the typical New Yorker when it comes to being a pedestrian and I admit it:

I jaywalk, no matter how much you like it or hate it.


However I do it with care as I watch for cars in every direction.


And believe me, everyone in Manhattan does it at some point. Even tourists jaywalk. And it is not just in Manhattan, it's done everywhere. IMO, it's instinct for them to just dart across the street when they think there are no cars around.


Quote from The WPA Guide to New York City (1939, reprinted 1992)

"Let us conclude with a look at the most elemental of New York's attractions- the life of its streets. Visitors of every era have remarked on this but never has the street life been more vigorous. The pace is set by New York's pedestrians and it is fast, now averaging about three hundred feet per minute. They are skilful, too, using hand and eye signals, feints and sidesteps to clear the traffic ahead. They are natural jaywalkers, streaking across on the diagonal while tourists wait docilely on the corner for the light. It is the tourists, moreover, who are vexing, with their ambiguous moves and their maddening slow gait. They put New Yorkers off their game."-from the introduction.

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Yes I see that myself when driving on that road. IMO, only those bound for the asylum would do such a feat. I wouldn't even dare attempt it.

Even on Tarrytown Rd in White Plains, because traffic light is SO LONG.


One time I counted how long Ardsley Rd traffic for crossing Depot Plaza-Gartha Rd was 92 seconds while Depot Plaza-Gartha Rd traffic only gets about 50 seconds.

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