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Railfanning 2/18

Sea Beach

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I went Railfanning with Bveguy. And something halarious but horrifying happened to us,A Rat ran over our feet at 34 St-(N),I was yelling and ran away while bveguy just shook the rat off his shoe,lol. ;)


Heres the stuff:



R143 (L) @ 6th Ave






R143 (L) @ Onion Sq (Note The "BKLYN LCL")






R160 (Q) @ 14 St/Union Sq






R160 (W) @ 34 St/Herald Sq






R68 (S) @ Prospect Park






R68 (Q) @ Kings Hwy






Retro Slanted 160









Please Rate Vid :)



Enjoy,Your Friendster Vinster :)

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Nice, clear and crisp pixs and vids... Oh, glad you didn't fall into the tracks because of a Rat... Wish you luck forever so a rat won't do this again, ;)!


Thank You Kevin :)


LMAO,im lucky I didnt fall onto the tracks is right,I ran like a madman,lol.I skeeve rodents.


Nice pics.

And a rat on the PLATFORM? That's actually pretty rare. =o


Thanks :)


I know,its pretty rare to find that. I wouldve taken a pic of it but I ran away,lol.


Great photographs, the 9114 R160B (Q) train photo is cool!


Thank You :)


That 9114 was actually an (N) at Ft Ham (Not The Coldcut) B)


Love the outdoor pics.


Thank You :) Me To


Nice pics.


Thanks :)

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