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NJ Transit photos from today including some more ACES!

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Today my railfan partner and I decided to head to Metuchen today to catch some NEC action on the way home we also stopped by South Amboy these are the (NJT) photos from today.


First transit train of the day had 7030 leading:


That was followed by 4419:


Followed by an Arrow III set with 1527 as the leader.


Then the ACES train came through lead by 4428 with 4802 on the back.



After the ACES set came another Arrow III set lead by 1416.


Then caught the tail end of a train being pushed by 4612.


and an Arrow III set with 1308 on the end.


Another set came in while the Arrow set was at the station so we missed the ALP but were able to get shots of 7033 the last ML cab car.


Then a strange Hudson protect came through with 4611 and 4300.


That was followed by 4604 and a ML set.


That was followed by 4416.


Then came 5006 a comet III cab car leading with 4425 on the end.



Another train came through with 5024 leading and 4426 on the end.



That was followed by 4417.


7030 made another appearance.


A CSX light engine move from Metuchen Yard came through as well.


And finally another Arrow III set led by 1402.



We then headed over to South Amboy to catch SA 31 a local freight train and caught two Transit Trains as well.


SA 31:





Then two Transit trains:






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You two are fanning in my spot?! :mad: Oh no you don't!


Just messing around! :) Nice shots. I even notice in Kreszl's photos a mix of Phase IV and Phase IVb Viewliners.

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Here are the photos that I took.







Please note the first 2 photos from Bound Brook and Waldwick NJ were from a previous photo trip but had to be uploaded to the site again.




I saw pics of the Creek bridge, in about 2010, they will reopen that as a part of the Henry Hudson Trail. It will be the last uncompleted part that didn't open.

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Wrong the section between 79 and Station road to 79 and 520 has not been rebuilt, no one knows when that will be done, as they would have to rebuild the bridge over Pleasant Valley Road which was filled in after the section between Station road and Freehold was abandoned back in the late 70's the line continued to see traffic past 73 from Matawan to Imperial Oil in Morganville/Marlboro. So there is still going to be a missing part a very crucial missing part as now to continuously ride you have to take a trip down 79 which is dangerous.

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