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2/21 Track Condition West of Forest Hills

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MTA Long Island Rail Road

Service Alert


Saturday, February 21, 2009 3:15 PM


Queens Local Customers:


LIRR is operating westbound express service only between Jamaica and Penn Station. Due to a track condition west of Forest Hills trains will not be making stops at Kew Gardens, Forest Hills or Woodside.


New York City Transit will be honoring LIRR tickets for local service.




Heard this on the scanner about 15-20 mins before posted. Instructed one train to look out for a track issue, sure enough, turns out to be a broken rail on mainline 3. Trains were/are being redirected down mainline 1.

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Ah jeeze not again. Didn't this happen a few months ago? What's the current status?


- A


I haven't heard anything pertaining to the broken rail for a while now. Just the towermaster at Jay informing trains they're being sent down mainline 1. I gotta tell you, i'm glad I fired up the scanner again.


For those of you who have scanners and are interested in monitoring, LIRR Channel 1 is 160.3800

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