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Railfanning 2/22 - Culver,West End - R42 F

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So I decided to go hunt down the R42 on the (F) and got my wish! I'll start with the (F)



R42 (F) @ 4th Ave-9th St





R42 (F) @ C.I








Note: Old (NYCT)





R46 (G) @ 4th Ave-9th St





R27 Work Train @ C.I





R68 (D)







R68 (D) @ Bay Parkway





R160 (N) @ Ft Ham





Enjoy! Your Friendster Vinster :)

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Nice, clear, crisps pix on a rainy and foggy NY... Nice catch of the R-40M/42 (F) and interesting angle on the R-160 (N) the train looks curved, B)!


Thank You! :P


Im really lucky I caught that R42 (F),right when I got up the steps,2 mins later the R42 came!


Nice shots but is the (N) suppose to be upside down lol


but nice to all of em


Thank You! B)


LOL,it looks Dementional! :cool:

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