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Best way from Philaddelphia to Atlantic City

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Since we had the "NY-AC" discussion thread, I thought it might be interesting to add one for service from Philly to AC. Below are the different ways and modes I know of on how to get from Philly to AC, which way do you think is best and why? Also, if you know of another way on how to get between the two cities, feel free to put them up here, I'm always up for a new option:



Atlantic City Line: 30th Street Station to AC

(approx trip time = 1:25-1:45 min, fare = $16 RT)



Center City PATCO stations via SJ to Lindenwold, then transfer to NJT #554 (2 hours to AC Bus Terminal) or NJT AC Line (appox. 1 hr to AC term)

(approx. trip time combined = 1:35hr via NJT Rail not including wait time, 2:30hr via NJT #554 - fare varies depending on mode)



Greyhound (10th & Filbert): 1:30hr, $19 Round Trip, departures from 8:30AM-11:30PM most trips operate via Broad/Snyder and originate from Broad/Olney


Sheppard (19th & JFK and Broad Street P/U): approx. 1:30-2hr, 4 daily departures, approx $20


Other line run operators such as Lion Trailways, David Thomas Tours and Kraph's serve areas in the Greater Philadelphia Area as day-trip line runs.



Greyhound Terminal (10th & Filbert) to AC Bus Terminal via AC Expwy

Stops in Camden and Sicklerville

Trip Time = 1:30-1:40hr ($13.25 one way, $15 RT)

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Take the 551. Greyhound philly ac runs are stupid crowded on any given days. The 551 is quick and has good headways. The 554 is ok but headways arent great. Ac rail sucks and it takes forever. The 551 will get you there in no time.

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The thread i made is for excursion trip not just general info. It isn't that far of a walk to the boardwalk from the train station.


- A

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