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ESTA Launches Hard-Hitting Subway Ad Campaign


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Have anyone seen this ad on subway station, SIR Stations, trains, Subways or Buses?


ESTA Launches Hard-Hitting Subway Ad Campaign for Transit Relief


The Empire State Transportation Alliance (ESTA), a coalition of civic, business, environmental, labor and transportation groups, of which NYPIRG's Straphangers Campaign in an active member. Today, ESTA launched an ad campaign to mobilize New Yorkers to oppose harsh Metropolitan Transportation Authority service cuts and fare hikes that will start to take effect March 25, unless the state legislature passes a plan by then to provide new revenues to the MTA.


The ads, which can be seen today in 3,000 New York City subway cars – nearly half of all subway cars – urge riders to tell Governor Paterson and state legislative leaders to support a plan that would provide critical funds to close the MTA's $1.2 billion operating deficit this year and fund the agency's maintenance and rebuilding program.


The ad shows a giant Metrocard in the foreground and a subway station entrance in the background. It reads, "At $103 a month, you'd expect they'd have a sauna, a pool and Pilates class down there."




You can view the Ad here and send a message to decision makers asking them to support a plan to fully and fairly fund the MTA at Keep New York Moving. All the details of the ad campaign can be found in the press release.


Look out for our Ad in the subway cars!!!

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Funny how they picked 21/Van Alst. From what I've heard, there IS a pool down there. B)

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21/Van Alst is flooded. The mezzanine was half flooded and that half was sealed off by a wall.


The reason they probably picked that station was that it is among the most infamous of the already infamous (G) line.

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Oh yeah, seen it posted all over a R-40M/42 (E) train as well as a R-32 (F) train. It is just so true... And yeah, I saw the 21st Street - Van Alst Station, :D!


Is it really flooded?


Look at the horrible water damage on the tile wall.

The flooded part of the mezzanine is sealed off by a wall.

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Wow, I gotta check out pix on nycsubway.org...
What does that have to do with this topic? slap.gif


I seen this advertisement and laughed my butt off, they picked 21st-Van Alst when there's already a flooding, and they talk about a pool.

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I was helping Straphangers Campaign at Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av day before yesterday at Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av handing out that same leaflet that on the train. Police there did not see the organize and cop ask me.

Cop: Do you have ID? You don't have ID, you have to get out.

Me: I have to return this back to Straphangers Campaign.

Cop: You not suppose to handing this inside the subway.

Me: Straphangers Campaign gave me permission to do this here.

Cop still didn't believe me, so I went to train platform but decided to get idea, but I saw them at mezz bet. 74th St-Broadway and Roosevelt Av, and told organizer police stop me. After organizer leader told same cops, he apologize. TA worker that was watching upstairs had no restriction where to do except ramps.

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