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Subway Style- Wizard of OZ by Yuki Endo


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As you may know from NY Times, I like to type stories which is one of my favorite hobbies also.


I have typed fiction story of Wizard of OZ style using NYC Subway, Staten Island Railway and Metro-North.

I really like to share this with you.

If you have time to speed read.


In Jackson Heights, Queens, there were ten-year-old Dorothy who was in a wheelchair. She was with her service animal, Toto the Service Cat. On the back of Toto, there was sign that indicate PROFESSIONAL SERVICE CAT.

As they approach overpass entrance, Toto the Service Cat presses HELP button. When call is answer, Toto mews and station agent, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry instantly opens the gate.

As they were waiting for Manhattan-bound <7> express train at Junction Blvd Station, strong wind came blowing and (7) train was halted at 103rd St.

Strong wind had carry Dorothy on her wheelchair with Toto all the way to Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs station on (M) line in Brooklyn where Dorothy`s wheelchair fall down to Wicked Witch of Brooklyn.

Dorothy said: Where am I?

Munchinkins came out.

First Munchinkin: You're in Land of Oz.

Dorothy: Land of OZ?

Second Munchinkin: Yes.

Dorothy: How do we get back?

Third Munchinkin: Here comes the Good Witch of Queens.

Good Witch of Queens, Glinda got off the (M) train.

Glinda: I am Good Witch of Queens, Dorothy. You need to see great king of Emerald City in Staten Island. Thank you for killing the Wicked Witch of Brooklyn.

Dorothy: Wicked Witch of Brooklyn?

Glinda: Yes, we have four witches. Just remember witch in Queens and Manhattan are friendly. However, Wicked Witch of Bronx are very evil and mean. So you better watch out.

Dorothy: Thank you. How do I get there?

Fourth Munchinkin: You need to drive the yellow train on yellow track to Emerald City Station.

Dorothy: How I will drive train? I am disable.

Glinda: Don't worry. You're not disable in this world. Here is your shoes to wear to tell warlock you kill the Wicked Witch of Brooklyn.

Glinda kiss Dorothy.

Glinda: This kiss will protect you from Wicked Witch of the Bronx.

In this world, it was empty.

Dorothy started up the RD57 work train and as she headed south on yellow track.

As she was operating train, she spotted scarecrow tied up at island near Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

She stops the RD57 and she look both ways as she cross the tracks and went to island.

As she approach Scarecrow were fighting with three snakes.

First Snake: Bit him.


Second Snake: It is comfortable.

Third Snake: Yes.

They climb up on Scarecrow.

Dorothy came upon and said.


Snakes immediately stop when they heard word ZOO.

First Snake: Please don't call the zoo. Staten Island Zoo is mean.

Second: Yes, we will never harm Scarecrow again.

Third: We promise, Dorothy.

Dorothy turns to help Scarecrow.

Dorothy: Why don't you fight, Scarecrow?

Scarecrow: I can't move because I have no brain. I really want to get a brain.

Dorothy: Would you like to hop on train with me to see great warlock? Maybe he could give you the brain.

Scarecrow: Yes, I love to.

Dorothy carry Scarecrow on her back and head toward the RD57, and climb aboard, and then start the train.

Dorothy/Scarecrow/Toto: (sings) We are driving the train to see the great warlock.

As she drive south and she entered the portal and transported to unused Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station where she spotted rusted MetroMan (TinMan) on abandoned platform. She spotted MetroMan's sad face, so she called the tower and she was allowed to pull onto abandoned track.

She put oil on MetroMan.

Dorothy: What's wrong, MetroMan?

MetroMan: I am love with Yuki Sexaroid from Galaxy Railways but I don't know how to.

Dorothy: Why?

MetroMan: I have no heart.

Dorothy: No heart?

MetroMan: I really want to have Heart.

Dorothy: Would you to join us? We are going to see great warlock in Emerald City.

Scarecrow: Maybe he might give you heart.

MetroMan: Of course I'll join you.

Dorothy carry MetroMan onboard the RD57.

Dorothy/Scarecrow\MetroMan/Toto: (sings) We are driving the train to see the great warlock.


As she head west, she was teleported to IND Express Track Northbound approaching 34th St-Penn Station which was closed due to General Order.

As she enter station, she heard the strange roar of lion.

She follow the sign and she came to see lion inside MTA Art for Transit, The Garden of Circus Delights.

She spotted lion on image was crying, so she cut the lion paper to reveal real lion was behind the paper lion.

Dorothy: What's matter, Lion?

Lion: I wanted to escape, but I couldn't.

Dorothy: Why?

Lion: I don't have courage.

Dorothy: Would you like to join us to see great warlock?

Lion: Of course.

Meanwhile Wicked Witch of Bronx was set sleeping poppies at Botanic Garden Station on Metro-North.

They sing again as Dorothy drives train northbound and enter the portal again.

Dorothy/Scarecrow\MetroMan\Lion/Toto: (sings) We are driving the train to see the great warlock.

They were teleported to front of St. George Station on Staten Island Railway, gateway to Emerald City.

Dorothy parked the RD57 and together they went to green gate.

Dorothy approach the security box where sixteen-year-old boy with name tag Andy Sandstone was sitting, wearing Green clothes.

Dorothy: Excuse me, we like to see Wizard of OZ, please.

Andy: (gasped) Why do you want to see Wizard of OZ?

Dorothy: We have important things to discuss.

Just then, Andy spotted shoes Dorothy was wearing.

Andy: Follow me, please.

Andy led her to second floor of Staten Island Mall.

Andy: Please wait here while I sent your request to Wizard.

They waited as Andy disappear disappear into room.

Few moments later, six-year-old girl named Amelia James Bond came out.

Amelia: My name is Amelia James Bond and Wizard ask you to see you one by one. Also, he's not very patient.

Dorothy turns to her friend.

Dorothy: Excuse me, can I go first?

Scarecrow: Of course.

MetroMan: You may, my dear.

Lion: Sure.

Dorothy: Thanks, guys.

Dorothy and her cat, Toto entered the room. In front of her, there was huge screen with image of Maggie Peyton.

Voice (Maggie Peyton): I am Great and Powerful Wizard of OZ. Tell my why do you want to see me.

Dorothy: I want to go home to Jackson Heights, which is borough of Queens in New York State.

Voice (Maggie Peyton): I'll grant your wish as soon as you killed Wicked Witch of the Bronx.

Dorothy: OK.

Next, Scarecrow entered the room. At that moment, it was image of Lenny the Great White Shark.

Voice (Lenny): I am Great and Powerful Wizard of OZ. Tell me what you seek.

Scarecrow: I want to have brain because Scarecrows have been bulling my head that I don't have a brain.

Voice (Lenny): You must join the Dorothy to kill the Wicked Witch of the Bronx and get me the proof.

Scarecrow: OK.

Next, MetroMan was ushered into room, where it had image of Usagi Tsukino.

Voice (Usagi): I am Great and Powerful Wizard of OZ. Tell me what you seek.

MetroMan: I want to have a heart because I don't know how to feel.

Voice (Usagi): You must join Dorothy and Scarecrow to kill the Wicked Witch of the Bronx.

MetroMan: OK.

Next, Lion was ushered into room where he saw the image of Friendly the Casper.

Voice (Casper): I am Great and Powerful Wizard of OZ. Tell me what you seek.

Lion: I would love to have courage, sir. I have no bravely because I am very coward.

Voice (Casper): You must join your friends to kill Wicked Witch of the Bronx.

Lion: OK.

Dorothy with her cat, Toto, followed by Scarecrow, MetroMan and Lion took RD57. As RD57 was travelling through portal, RD57 became regular train car that can run on Metro-North tracks.

As the RD57 was traveling northbound track, approach Botanical Garden, Dorothy, Toto, and Lion fell asleep.

Scarecrow: Oh, my goodness! MetroMan, what we should do?

MetroMan: I think I know how to operate the train because there's incoming train!

MetroMan quickly took the next switch and just intime before oncoming train.

While MetroMan and Scarecrow was working, Flying Robot was carrying the train, which transform back to RD57 and it was sending them to Hart Island in Bronx, home of Wicked Witch of the Bronx.

Scarecrow, Lion, MetroMan was tied up, however Dorothy and her cat Toto cannot be tied, because of protective kiss.

Just then, Wicked Witch of the Bronx approach.

Wicked Witch: Give me back my sister's shoes.

Dorothy ran and her cat Toto went to help the trapped friend.

While Dorothy was running across Hart Island, Toto was using his sharp claws to cut the rope of Scarecrow, MetroMan and Lion.

Dorothy was about to fall into Long Island Sound, but lion risk his life and jump into water and caught Dorothy on his back.

Scarecrow and MetroMan trapped the witch.

Just then, Dorothy sprayed fire extingusher.

Wicked Witch of the Bronx: NO!!!! I'm melting!!

Wicked Witch of the Bronx was melting for real until she vanished.

However, her neckrace wasn't melted. That was proof they needed.

They set RD57 back to Emerald City in Staten Island.

They were at same room they saw Wizard of OZ.

Just then, Toto accidentally open the code-lock panel to reveal twenty-one-year-old boy named Ash Aliston.

Dorothy: It was bogus.

Ash: Yes. I am ordinally man from Flushing.

Dorothy: How did you make the effect.

Ash: I am artist and expert on imitation.

Ash goes behind the Lenny and faces Scarecrow.

Ash (Lenny): Scarecrow, you already have a brain because you think and help Dorothy.

Ash goes behind the Usagi.

Ash (Usagi): MetroMan, you already have a heart because you help Dorothy's feeling.

Ash goes behind the Friendly Casper.

Ash (Friendly Casper): Lion, you already earned courage by risking your life to save Dorothy.

Dorothy: Ash, what about me?

Ash: How do I end up here? I fall down from small airplane. I take you home. Come back tomorrow.

Guests were staying inside hotel.

Next morning, they return and approach garage where small airplane.

As Dorothy was saying goodbye, rope that tied to Small Airplane broke, carrying Ash away with Dorothy.

Dorothy: Come back!

Ash: Sorry, this plane does not have return button.

Dorothy went crying when the friendly witch of Manhattan approach her.

Good Witch of Manhattan: You're not too late to go home, dear. I am sister of Good Witch of Queens.

Dorothy: Really?

Good Witch of Manhattan: Yes. You just tap your shoes three times and wish you back home and it will take you home.

Dorothy: OK.

Dorothy said farewell again and said.

Dorothy (tapping her shoes 3-times): I wish, I wish with all might heart, I want to return to Jackson Heights, Queens, NY, please."

Dorothy was back at Junction Blvd Station on her wheelchair.

Dorothy: We're home to Jackson Heights, Queens.

As she got off the elevator at Mezzaine, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry was so happy to see their daughter and hug her.



I hope you like it.

What do you think?

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