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Random BMT Photos

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I had some BMT photos I haven't shared yet anyways check these out.


R40M 4544 on (R)








R160A on (Q) 8653






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Nice pics! Nice catch on the R40M (R)!


Thank you, the (R) R40M trains are very rare, but easier to find than those on the (F).


Nice pix and great catch of the R-40M (R) train!


I just found it by luck. When I usually see an (R), it is an R46 train. The R40M/42 cars on the (R) look better than those on the (E) and (F).


R-160's looks so lovely on the (Q) and the R-40M/R-42 should run on the (R) more often.....excellent pics!


I agree, the R160A/B cars are making the (Q) look great! There's so many of them, I have a feeling that the R68/A cars may be moved out of the (Q) someday. R40M and R42 cars should continue to run on the (R), but they're undergoing retirement, so catch them while you still can.

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Nice catch on the R40M!


Thank you, well I don't get a lot of R40M trains, especially when the R160A's have been taking over the (E), they're so hard to find nowadays.

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What do you take these pictures on?


I use a ViviCam 3815. I hope this answers your question.




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Yeah, I saw it across the platform almost all the time recently when my train stop at Queens Plaza, :D! Queens Plaza is my miracle station, :D!


R40M and R42 cars look like a lucky catch on the (R), if people enjoy riding it that is. The (R) riders don't look amazed by the R40M/42 (R) anyways, speaking of which, Queens Plaza makes a good hunting ground for Queens Boulevard trains.

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