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Hi All


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Hi All,

Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I stumbled upon these forums the other day while looking for info of the automation of the L Train in NYC. I love trains of all kinds and mostly ride those in Boston, NYC, and Washington, DC.


Hey man cool to have you over for some serious discussions. So which of the 3 systems in your opinion is the best? Do they still pull the gates and shut 'er down in Boston over night? Wash DC system is the baby of the 3 so maybe it's unfair to compare it to the 2 oldest systems.


Welcome to the forum

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Yes, Boston is still closed over night. There is no way to single track around work zones without the proper switches and maintenance is done every night. It's pretty much only cabs after 12:30am as they killed night bus service about 4 years ago. I'm hoping they bring back the night bus service, but typically I don't need to use it that late anyway and if I'm out late, it's not so bad to take a cab home once in a while. I would prefer that like the Washington Metro, they stayed open later on Friday and Saturday night, but that so far hasn't happened yet.

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