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"Tracking the LIRR" Series by Railroad Video Productions Review (Video)

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Railroad Video Productions of Leola, PA offers a four piece series of DVD's titled "Tracking the Long Island Rail Road." Volumes are appropriately designated Parts 1,2, 3 and 4 and each is approximately sixty minutes in length.


The separately sold programs present contemporary LIRR action in a variety of locations. Much of the video was taped as the newest generation of rolling stock and motive power was entering service; therefore, a varied mix of equipment including GP38-2's, MP15AC's, and cab unit power packs with old coaches are seen operating alongside brand new locomotives and multi-levels. In addition, the viewer is treated to many views of now vintage Metropolitan multiple unit cars. Some of the more stunning images of the M.U. cars were filmed at night as the trains generated dramatic arcing along the third rail.


Camera work is excellent featuring rock steady images. Narration is limited but appropriate. Sound quality is superb. As a vintage diesel fan, it's nice to be able to sit back and listen to one of the Geeps start a heavy train from a station stop.....true nostalgia for this reviewer!


Railroad Video Productions does not deal directly with the public. Rather, a very limited network of distributors is used to market the product. Strasburg Rail Road, my source for these fine programs, is one of the designated dealers and its train store consistently stocks a complete selection of RVP titles. SRC's price is $26.95 each and the proceeds of every purchase serve as a contribution to SRC's admirable effort to preserve America's magnificent railroad heritage. I have also seen RVP programs for sale at train shows but at a higher price of $29.95. By purchasing them at Strasburg, one can save $3 and help railway preservation at the same time....sounds like a win-win to me! The Strasburg Rail Road site can be accessed at www.strasburgrailroad.com.


In summary, Railroad Video Productions' "Tracking the Long Island Rail Road" series provides a thorough treatment of modern LIRR operations. All four volumes would be a worthwhile addition to the collection of every LIRR follower.


Please feel free to post any questions and I'll try to answer them.





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I would be very interested in these videos. I grew up riding the Long Island Railroad. I remember riding the Long Island Railroad a lot during the mid to late 80s. Those were the years that I rode it the most.


During what years do these videos take place?

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Hi, Harry.


These programs begin during the late 90's concurrent with delivery of the initial DE30AC's and multi-level cars.


RVP catalogs an additional LIRR trackside program titled "Long Island Rail Road Hot Spots." It was taped several years before delivery of the new equipment so all diesel consists are the old cars with Geeps, MP15AC's, F-units and FA's. Also, the Metropolitan cars had not yet been fitted with the high headlight so they were still equipped with their factory built headlight configuration when this program was filmed. This material may be more reminiscent of the LIRR you rode. Still, the "Tracking" series contains many scenes featuring older equipment, including the ex-MNCR FL9AC's.


I hope this helps.





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