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BMT lines that do not connect

R32 Anthony

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This is part 3 of my series of lines that do not currently directly connect with a free transfer.


(J) to the (1)(7) (:P(D)(G)(V)(S)

(L) to the (7)(B)(D)(S)

(M) to the (1)(7)(E)(G)(V)(S)

(N) to the (G)

(Q) to the (G)

(R) That's the Champion! It connects every number and lettered line!

(S)* to the (D)(F)(G)(J)(L)(M)(V)(Z)

(W) to the (G)

(Z) to the (1)(7)(B)(D)(G)(V)(S)


* (S) In this thread, I am talking about all (S) combined!

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technically, the Franklin Avenue Shuttle is part of the BMT, the 42nd Street Shuttle is the IRT, and the Rockaway Park and Lefferts Boulevard shuttles are in the IND.


It is misleading... since this is a BMT related thread, it should be assumed that only the Franklin Shuttle should be referenced here.

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