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Painting the back of the buses

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Hey, I noticed since around before last summer some RTS buses getting the back area where the engine is resprayed in white. Then I noticed the hybrids getting the same treatment. What's the reason for it? I assumed it was that white doesn't absorb as much heat as black and it would keep the engine a little cooler and running more efficient especially on hot summer days.

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I was womdering the same question. Also, its like I see more buses at Jackie Gleason (Orion VII CNG) are painted more than any other buses. Does anybody have a list on which buses were repainted?

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That's the (MTA) for ya! They are cheap(using duct tape to hold parts together), and they dont intrest me like they used to anymore. I could care less about the fare hike anymore, cause its gunna happen. I just dont like the whole "all white bus w/ blue stripe" theme an all the buses. It would be nice if they left the current fleet the way it is and orderd the new buses w/out the black back. And (MTA)Long Island Bus should keep the orange stripe, the NGs would look hot in orange & blue stripes!

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