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Ancient NYC buses, predates MTA


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At my place of work we have a set of 4 REALLY old NYC buses, numbered 92, 95, 96, and 156.


Its hard to read the writing on the side, but it is Hudson Transit* Lines.


(*i think it is transit, but its not clear on any of the buses where i could see)


They were not worth the scrap metal, so the city dumped them here many years ago, before I was born, and trees have since grown around them. We've been storing other parts to diesel engines in them, but i don't think even we've ever gone out to a bus to find parts.


I was hoping someone here might know more about them, and maybe have photos of them from when they still ran.


Bus 95




The rear of bus 95




the builders plate on bus 156




thanks for the help.



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Damn, are those rly NYC buses, sounds like a club house where did u spot this? Nice shots!


They have New York Plates, and i'm told they are. They are no club house though! I think i'd be afraid to stay in them for to long, lol.


My great grandfather gutted the seats out of them in the 1950s/early 60s to store parts for our diesel repair business. They are pretty well hidden, because my workplace is deep in the woods, and only in the winter when there are no leaves on the trees are they barely visible from outside the property.


While I'd love to share the location of these buses, my workplace never closes and is active all the time, and the last thing we need are people messing around with the buses and other old vehicles back there. Its a safety thing. They are still in what would be considered the City, but that's all I'm going to say, lol.


Those buses are most likely suburbans since today Hudson Transit Lines is Shortline a division of Coach USA.


Yeah, I'm not sure if it is the same Hudson Transit lines. I'm pretty sure it says Hudson on the side of the bus (I'll have to get another picture of it next week. However, the second photo seems like it says "Shortline" in script, and it looks like these buses have been repainted at least two or three times. I could only get into bus 156, as the others are either locked or rusted shut (though i probably could get the keys to unlock the padlocks if i ever have down-time again).


Did Hudson Transit Lines even exist back then?


Great pictures! The nameplate says Yellow Coach, but when was it built?


I know that in the late 50s/early 60s these buses were dropped off on our property since the city didn't want to scrap them. I suspect that they are older than that though, and i think my grandfather said the might have been built as early as the 30/40s, but i'm not sure. I'm not a bus expert (which is why i cam here).


If it helps, i think the problem with these particular buses is that they ran on gas engines, not diesel, which i understand lead to them being retired (as well as them already being worn out). Otherwise, i haven't been able to find to many real dates on the bus, but i can always keep looking, i'm sure there is a tag or something i can find.

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Wait, i might be wrong, i didn't read all the signs in the bus. In bus 156, I took a photo pf the $50.00 reward for arresting someone defacing the bus, but if you look up, it says ... In New Jersey... $10 fine .... State law...




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