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What station/ stop or Terminal would you live near?


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If money (or schools or family obligations either) wasn't an object and you could could buy a 2 BR apt anywhere in NYC strictly for being able to ride the Subways whenever you wanted where would you buy? There are a lot of good reasons to be in a lot of neighborhoods and whether you wanted to be near one of the yards might influence your decision. Favorite lines might also affect your choice. If it were me I would buy in Prospect Heights or Ft Greene in Brooklyn, as close to Atlantic and Flatbush as possible. From there it would be a short walk to almost any service:


(:P: Atlantic Ave

(C): Lafayette

(D): Pacific St

(G): Fulton St

(N): Pacific St

(Q): Atlantic Ave

(R): Pacific St

(2): Atlantic Ave

(3): Atlantic Ave

(4): Atlantic Ave

(5): Atlantic Ave


If you were the type of person who didn't mind walking a little You could also catch:


(A): Hoyt/ Schemerhorn ((C) & (G)also)

(F): Smith/ Bergen


and maybe even the Franklin Av Shuttle (S)


you also would have the bonus of the Atlantic Ave LIRR and be within walking distance of the Transit Museum. Really the only services you wouldn't be close to (aside from the Times Square and Rockaway Shuttles, would be the (6), (7), (E) (J)/ (Z) and (L)


Times Square would be a good choice but I wouldn't want to live in that amount of congestion. (Ditto for Chinatown, lots of choices on Canal St but too crowded). Coney Island would give you 4 routes to Manhattan and the yards but no IRT.


The Village, just north of the Washington Square Arch would probably be my 2nd choice with W4th St (A)(;)(C)(D)(E)(F) and Sheridan Square IRT(1)(2)(3) Express & local. In good weather you could also walk to Union Square for the (4)(5)(6)(L)(N)(Q)(R) plus you get the bonus of the PATH at W 9th St.

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I used to live by Jamaica-179th Street (F) subway station


I would love to live by either:

Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer (E)(J)(Z) subway station

Crown Heights-Utica Avenue (3)(4) subway station

Brooklyn College-Flatbush Avenue (2)<5> subway station

Pelham Bay Park (6) subway station

Woodlawn (4) subway station

Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard (N)(W) subway station

Flushing-Main Street (7) subway station

Midtown 57th Street-7th Avenue (N)(Q)(R)(W) subway station

Lenox Terminal-148th Street (3) subway station

Inwood-207th Street (A) subway station

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I live near the:

(F) East Broadway Station

(F) Delancey Street Station

(J)(M)(Z) Essex Street Station

(:P(D) Grand Street Station

(J)(M)(Z) Bowery Station

(J)(M)(N)(Q)(R)(W)(6) Canal Street Station

All of the above are within walking distance. The East Broadway Station is actually on my block.


My school is near:

(B)(D) Bedford Park Boulevard Station

(4) Bedford Park Boulevard Station


Where I would love to live near?

I prefer to live around the Central Park West Stations (My girl lives near Cathedral Parkway-110th Street)

Especially Columbus Circle-59th Street.

I'd say Flushing-Main Street

14th Street-Union Square

Yeah... that's about it

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I live near the Ft Ham (N) Station


I would like to live near:


Brooklyn: Ave X (F) (I used to live near there) or Bay Ridge-95 St (R)


Queens: Forest Hills (R)(G)(E)(F)(V) or Astoria (N)


Manhattan: 81 St-Museum (B)(C) or Lexington-59 (N)(R)(W)(6)


Staten Island: New Dorp (SIRT)

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For convenience, fast access to Manhattan and still be able to live in Queens for me it would be


Astoria - Ditmars Blvd (N)(W)

Forest Hills - 71 Ave (E)(F)


Although the (M) may not be the fastest way to Manhattan I still love living by the Middle Village - Metropolitan Ave station. I have a 10 minute walk (can take a bus but I rather walk) and still live in a suburbanish neighborhood which I kind of prefer to faster train ride

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I'm already there


Rector St (1)(R)(W)

Wall St (2)(3)(4)(5)

WTC (A)(C)(E)

Broad St (J)(M)(Z)


takes me 5 minutes to get to school, easy access to downtown Brooklyn, 25-30 minutes to my favorite place to eat in Harlem. I get to go railfanning on the (A) whenever I want and the Rector St stops being closest to me I get to rely on probably the best train in the west manhattan area.


-quits bragging now-

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This is a good question.



West 81st Street-American Museum Of Natural History (:)(C) Or

West 181st Street (A)


The Bronx:

Prospect Avenue (2)(5) Or

East 219th Street (2)(5)



Seventh Avenue (F)(G) Or

Rockaway Parkway (L)



67th Avenue (G)(R)(V)(E) (Late Nights) Or

Beach 67th Street (A)

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