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Hippo on the West End & Brighton (56k)

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nice photos


Thanks a lot!


Nice shots


Thank you, glad you like them!


Nice awesomly clear pix from the West End and Brighton Lines... Hippos looking clean, :)!


Yeah, the (D) I took the same day I took the dirty R160A on the (M)! Never thought the R68s would be cleaner than the R160As


Beautiful pics as always!! B)


Thanks, man, I'm glad you like them, West End (D).

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Nice pix on the (:)(B)(Q) Lines...Guss the BBQ theory works, there seem to be some BBQ sauce on the tracks! Just kidding, :)!


No BBQ sauce is on the tracks, hehe. Anyways thanks for the comment. The (B)s are more frequent than the (Q) sometimes.


its just sucks knowing there will never be another R40 on the (B). great shots!


I miss the R40, R40M and R42 cars on the (B), I do miss when the R32 would make an occasional appearance on the (B) as well. No more direct railfan windows on the (B) anymore, thanks for you comment.


Nice pics!



That post of yours is gravely inane. Please think before you post.


Thank you, well BBQ sauce would be disastrous!

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