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Why were R10s green instead of red?

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Why were R10s, in the last 5 years of their life, painted spruce green as opposed to bright red? Most other trains during that time were being repainted as Redbirds. Why did the MTA paint them differently? I think that they looked superb in dark green, but I was just curious as to why that was.


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One thing to remember is that these cars were repainted green before anything else was repainted red. I think red was later chosen to be the color of all carbon steel GOH cars. (remember, the GOH R36s were white after overhaul.)


A Few R33s did make it into the green scheme. (For that matter, so did an R17 and an R21)

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During the 1980s the (NYCT) was trying to fight the war on graffiti, seeing that the R10/R27/R30 though R36 [Except R32/38, which were stainless which were in GOH] were the only fleets that were not stainless steal, received a GOH paint job.


IRT: They had White, Blue and Red for them[R26, 28, 29 33, 36] FInally red for them


IND/BMT: R10 [Green] and R27/30[Red]


the R10s would of gotten painted red, but because the end of the life for these cars were near [1948-1989], the green was left. While the others caught up with Red. R30s retireed in 1993. R26-36 IRT: 2002-2004


These word are from myself not from wiki or any1^^


You can view wiki too:



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