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Snowy Rockaways With Fo' Fours and Slanties 3/2/2009

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Beautiful Man!


Good stuff


Nice sounds like the rkways is now popular for the 32s, 38s, 40s and 44s.. Good one~!


These are great.

Slants overload ahhh ♥.


Excellent work there sir!


Nice pix on the Snowy Rockaways, nice catches of work trains, ;)!


Awesome Photos!



Thank you all for the comments, really appreciate them!

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Excellent pics!


(A)+ Quality. :tup:

Thanks man!
now that is what i call clear! NICE pics!


what camera is that?

Thanks! I'm using a Panasonic DMC-FZ8.


Very good, R44, R32 and R40 on (A). I have a question, was the (S) extended to Euclid Avenue?
Thanks. The Rockaway Park (S)huttle was not extended to Euclid. They deadhead from Broad Channel to Pitkin (I'm not too sure why though).


Some great shots. I was at Grant Ave when the Rockaway Shuttle pulled in and saw the amount of snow it had on it.


Very nice pix!


Incredible photos, I wish I would've railfanned yesterday, but busfanning was so tempting..


Nice shots!


nice photos


Thanks for the comments guys!

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