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Here's a little history & facts about Station lightning:


About 30 years ago many of the stations along the IND Fulton line ((A)&<CC>train) in Brooklyn were very dimly lit, with only incandescent bulbs; this began (outbound) at Lafayette Avenue and continued all the way to Broadway/East New York. Gradually, the lighting was upgraded along the line, with the Nostrand, Kingston-Throop and Utica Avenue stations getting fluorescent tubes first, then the rest of the line. The same situation existed on the (D) line north of 145th Street.


Most of the stations along Fulton St were not flourescently lit until the early 1980's. I remember Broadway ENY not having them, and several local stations, although I cannot remember which ones were and weren't. There were several stations on the Fulton St. IND with incandescent lit platforms as late as 1980/81, including Broadway-ENY. IIRC, all the local stations were incandescently lit east of ENY except Lafayette Ave at that time. I think Euclid Avenue was a little brighter compared to Broadway-East New York when it first opened, but not by much.



The LAST station that still had the 'old' incandescent bulb's was Ft. Hamilton Pkwy on the (F) line it was changed over to fluorescent tubes in October 1987. Church Ave was done at the same time.


Every IND Queens Blvd. (E),(F),(G),(N) line station had flourescently lit platforms by mid-late 1985, which is as far back as I can reliably testify to. I remember seeing incansescent lighting beyond Continental Ave. as late as 1980.


The IND Concourse <CC>,(D) line was still incandescent as late as 1979 or 1980. Only 161st Street was fluorescent and then only because it served Yankee Stadium.


Incandescent bulbs was in the Metropolitan Avenue on the GG line up to summer of 1975, 81st Street Natural History Museum -Planetarium to 1961-68. I think the IND 8th Avenue local line stations (AA,(:P,CC,(E)) had improved by October 1974, and for sure by August 1979.


Broadway-East New York seemed especially dimly lit by contrast to the brightly daylight-lit Broadway Junction platform of the (L) line, and the above-ground stations of the Rockaway Line (Rockaway Park to 80th (Hudson) Street).

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Do you know what's the deal with the 61 St-Woodside station on the (7), why it doesn't have the tube fluorescents like almost every other station?


Very interesting question! That's what I like to know...

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