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Hillside & Morris Park tours


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Awesome.....I think I'll come. Now how do I feel out that application?


I think you just print it & mail it out with a check...I didn't read the whole thing, just the main bits about the tour.

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I mailed in mine on the sixth, should get here this week. I emailed Sid Keyles, who I believe is the organizer (or an organizer) of this and he said there was a batch mailed out today at noon, and that it should arrive by Wednesday. When did you send yours in?

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As of Saturday, tickets are sold out.


I mailed my money in on Friday, and Sid said the tickets are in the mail. Those of you in NYC should get it today.


It already sold out?

Almost every yard/bus depot tour/substation tour gets SOLD OUT SO QUICK.

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Especially this. The LIRR does not have such tours often (or at least not with the frequency of MNRR).


For the record, who here is going?


I wish I could but I have to work.It's a shame the LIRR don't have this more often like MNRR.

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I arrived at Jamaica ticket office ~10:00 and picked up my tickets. It was told to board the 10:38 train to KO on Track 7. I went up to the platform immediately. I don't know who on this board is who, so I may have spoken to one of you. There was a non-revenue train due in at 10:35. This led to an opportunity to see an M7 cab. It was too late for me. I managed to video the 3-way meet that ensued with the OOS train, the train to KO, and a Far Rockaway train.


We got off at Hillside station, where we met the tour guide. The first train on the Main Line that passed was a NYAR freight. It was chaos on the overpass, since there were so many people. We were first introduced to the different types of electric cars, and then went to the Training room. The first thing visible upon entry was a model steam locomotive. It was built as part of a competion. There was also a large display board about ESA and its beneifits, including some artist's renderings not on the (MTA) website.


Then, we went downstairs to the shop. The guide first introduced resisistors and speed control on the M1/M3. The majority of the tour was focused on parts of M3 cars. Then, he led us to the electronics and brake departments. He strongly emphasized the self-sufficiency of the shop, very little outsourcing of work is done.


After going down a ramp with a sign saying 'GRADE: 4.3%", I finally could get a sense of the steepness of slopes in percent.


We entered the wheel/motor repair shop. He pointed out a 5-story tall parts retrieval system that is entirely automated. He also mentioned the old shop robots that delivered individual parts to workstations, and how they were removed because of inefficiency.


He showed us the large motors and their windings, as well as the difference in size between M3 and DE motors. We also learned about wheels, trucks, and the airbag that maintains a level exit height that doesn't change with passenger load.


Gradually, we made our way toward the car shop. There were all kinds of cars in various stages of repair and damage, including a victim of a grade crossing accident. We were also allowed to enter an M3 cab.


We were all led back to the platform and were told to take either the 13:13 or 13:33 trains. I chose the latter. It was to come 11 minutes late. However, we got to see one of the M7's come out of the car barn. Sid managed to flag down a Hempstead Branch train on the local tracks (not the one that was late).


It took 20 min. for a Q24 bus to come. It was already full, only to be made worse by tens of members. We were let into Morris Park and were allowed to roam around. They drove MP15 100 onto the turntable and turned it. They never drove it off. DE/DM locos were everywhere, as well as MP15's.


They then showed us the shop. Some people entered the DE cab. I took a peek. It had regular (non-desk) controls with 2 LCD screens.


At the end, we were all told to go to the gate. Jamaica called and said that a helicopter had spotted us and reported us to the police. It took a while to clear up the miscommunication and potentially arrange a tour of Richmond Hill. It didn't go through.


We then all dissipated from there.


Pictures will eventually come.

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Sounds like fun! Thank you for that wonderful report. Maybe next year I will go. We were to busy at RMLI for me to take a day off :-)




Thanks Amtrak for the review. Next year if they have one ,no excuses for me..:mad:


Sid says that he would try to get one in next year. Hopefully it would include Richmond Hill.

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