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MTH R-36 Subway Set Review (O Scale)

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Set: R-36 World's Fair Version

Producer: Mikes Train House

Road Name: Metropolitan Transportation Authority - New York City Transit

Release Date: September 2002


All I can say is, What a set! The color, the sound, the detail.

The R-36 Subway set is a set thats based in 1964 transporting passengers from Midtown's Times Square to Willets Point-Worlds Fair. The set is optionally equipped with Loco-Sound which, one can just press a button to sound the bell and / or horn ( both equipped in the set), or the set thats equipped with Proto-sound 2.0. MTH Produced*(es*) sets with both sound packages ( excludes premier sets, ie; the R-32 N, R-32 DAP D, R-1 A). Now, if you pick up a set with the Protosound features, now you're cooking. You can program the set to run in "auto-mode", which I usually do. When hitting the correct buttons on the transformer, you watch the set go around your layout making all 9-10 station stops equipped in the sound package.. One can also program it to automatically stop at your desire, speed, and name your own stations.


The Color is the "baby pastel blue" or off light teal, mint green.

The set is equipped with a 2 can motor which can haul at minimum a 6 car train. However, this depends on the size transformer one's using.


Since these are R-36's, these are married pairs ( like the R40 Slants, R-42's; ie: 4550-4551 are linked) So one end is blind while the other displays the route signs:


In a 6 car set ( which I run, all times ) The 3 cars facing me read on the top rollsign:


7 / Worlds Fair / Worlds Fair


While the other 3 cars read:


7 / Flushing / Times Square


The side destination rollsigns read:


Worlds Fair


Times Square






Local <-> Exp




The Station stop proto effects sound like:


"This stop is 42 St-Times Square, this is the last stop"


On its way back to Queens, it states :


" This is the Number 7 Flushing Train, to the New York Worlds Fair, Please stand clear of the closing doors"


This stop: 5 Av-NY Public Library Bryant Park, change here for IND 6Th Av

(:(,(D), & (F) trains.


Grand Central Station: Change here for New York Central and New Haven Railroad Trains on the upper level OR


Change here for IRT Lexington Av number (4), (5), & (6) Trains.


Vernon-Jackson Av / Long Island City Queens: Change here for Long Island Railroad


Hunterspoint Blvd


Queensboro Plaza: Change here for BMT QB QT & T Trains to Astoria.


61 St-Woodside: Change here for Long Island Railroad


Junction Blvd


Willets Point - Worlds Fair - Shea Stadium- Flushing Meadow Park: This is the last stop


Then the set will either go simply backwards and return to Times Square or if put in a certain mode will just keep going forward in a loop and " pull " into Times Square ready for another Queens bound Trip.


These cars are by far in demand today.


When released in September 2002, they were going for a price of $299.99 to $349.00 which was a steal.

Today in a hobby shop or ebay, you might find this set for a minumim of $699.99- $849.00


This set to me is in my top 3 Favorite, as it rates number 2.

Out of 5 stars, this set receives 10 stars.


Outstanding performance, intriquite detail, amazing sound package, and one hell of a route - the Flushing Line.



Original Picture in MTH's 2002 Toy Fair Catalog:



Photo's of the set on my layout in various scenes within the past 10 months:










Any questions, please ask. I will try and do my best to answer them;)



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The models look fantastic! Really, really great.


I have one question, and I regret asking because it has nothing to do with the set.. but..


Where did you get the GMC RTS New York bus? I am in search of ANY RTS model bus.


Edit: Is it one of those plastic coin-bank ones?

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Sweet railroad set! I noticed that you even have another fleet of cars under the elevated R36. Also, I noticed that (1) poster about getting in the first 5 cars in South Ferry to get off the train in the background. Where did you get it?

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Sweet railroad set! I noticed that you even have another fleet of cars under the elevated R36. Also, I noticed that (1) poster about getting in the first 5 cars in South Ferry to get off the train in the background. Where did you get it?


Thanks.. 'Subway' Set;). Yeah, under the El is my 6 Car R42 (D) Train layup. I redesigned the layout back in November, so that layup track is now Part of my new Brooklyn PCC Streetcar Line. Where did I get the (1) poster? It was gift:D.

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