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Power Went Off On My Train Today (And Some Other Things)

R62A 1991

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Finally, I'm back in NY for a while. Here we go:


I could have really used the Second Avenue Subway today. My bus dropped me off at 2nd Av & 86th St. I had to walk to Lexington Av to take the (4), which was super crowded. My suitcase being with me didn't help.


I got off at Nevins St so I could get a seat on the (3). Then I saw a (2) shuttle laying up at the Atlantic Av stub. So, they ran them all the way to Atlantic instead of turning around at Franklin.


(3) train arrives, and my conductor makes announcements like Dianne and Jessica (so cool). The (2) that lay over at Atlantic held up a (4) at Nevins, so we sped along the Eastern Pkwy Local faster than the express.


There was in fact Northbound Eastern Parkway Local service today, despite the posters.


So, we get to Rogers Av Junction (I call it that). We stop, the line-up is given, and that (4) train that was held up speeds along the E. Pkwy EXP past Nostrand Av. We get to Nostrand Av and half of the lights go out. Conductor closes down, T/O tries to go, and we creep. Then we stop. Suddenly, the radio comes alive! I can't say what it said, because I don't think I'm allowed to, but the C/R clearly stated: "There is NO POWER from Nostrand Av to Utica Av. We have no idea when the trains will be moving." All trains were at a stand-still (well, it's not that many trains on Eastern Pkwy on weekends). Our T/O (I was in the first car), came out and told us the same thing. Some people were pissed, comments about how "we" always get sub-par service...why does this always happen on the (3)...I felt like saying that they should go and see what's happening on the (A) right now, and the (N). Then they can talk about getting crappy service, IMO (although I was not happy that the power was off myself, I was fine as long as it came back on). Let me add that AT LEAST we got into the station fully at the 10-car marker. Other trains were stuck in the tunnel and had to be evacuated.


Some also left the train, intending to get a block ticket to get on the B44/B17. The station agent came to the front of our car, saying he had no block tickets. I just enjoyed a relatively empty car.


Anyway, it only took 10 minutes, and the lights came back on. The people who stayed in the train with me were relieved. Our T/O took it slow to Kingston, then SPED to Utica. We got outside, and I'm off to Van Siclen. BUT: not before seeing a Manhattan-bound (3) train that has southern destination signs as 34th St-Penn Sta, Manhattan. Which means that late night service, while the (3) runs local, terminates at 34th St-Penn Station. And that was my trip home. Took an hour and a half. Look for great pictures of stuff around the system soon! Very glad to be back.

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