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The Weekend Matchup


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Well I did some railfanning over the weekend and managed to get lots of stuff. I have around 15+ videos on the queue list over at Youtube.


Content features the (A)(E)(J)(L)(M)(N)(Q)(R)(2)(4)(5)(6) and the (H), and (K) in a way.


Here's are the photos from yesterday.


-Featuring the (4) and (6) @ Grand Central.













And from today:




C.I. bound (D) train





What's wrong with this pic?







And this one?



Out to Nassau!


Myrtle Av



(M) Shuttle



Bway Junction















Comment & Critique please :) Vids will follow. They include:


(L) Train and some CBTC Action

(N) to Times Square

(2) to Utica

(E) from Jamaica to Mnhttn

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Nice stuff!




nice photos




Nice shots!


Thank you. :)


Great photos. I don't understand what's wrong the second photo.


The signs still indicate lineups for the (H) and the (K). On the box, you can see the (K) still with the (C). On the picture below, (A)(:)(C)(D)(H) and (K) are written for their respective lineups.

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This is really good, are the (M)'s still using only four R160A cars during the weekends?


Thanks, and yep.


Wow nice.

Not only did you catch a R68A (N), but you caught it with a Times Square rollsign!


That's what a weekend full of G.Os does for you.


Nice stuff from all over the (MTA), :)!






Here are the vids from Sunday:


(A) R40 Slant Leaving 59th Street



(2) Train to Utica - Leaving Times Square



(R) Train to Queens - Leaving Times Square



(N) Train to Layup



(Q) Train to 57th



Train Action @ Canal Street IRT (4)(5)(6)



(N) to Times Square arriving at Canal



(J) to Jamaica Center



(M) Shuttle Train



(L) to Bway Junction in CBTC Mode



(L) to Manhattan (CBTC Mode? - I couldn't see the green signal)


(L) Railfan to Bway Junction Pt 1


Part 2


Enjoy! - The vids from Saturday will follow soon.

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nice shots! If that was the weekend (D) GO exp to bx, i was there at about 9pm, it was funny too see that people were waiting for teh (D) on the bronx bound lcl trk rather then being on the the downtown platform xD lol, train came in, oops no entry for you!

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Thanks you two. Now here's vids.


(E) Train Btwn Jamaica Ctr - 71st Av



Forest Hills and Elmhurst



Elmhurst and Roosevelt



Roosevelt and 23rd - Ely



23rd Ely - 42nd St



42nd St - 14th St [A cop stopped me from taping all the way to WTC :) ]



R160A-2 (E) Train Departing 42nd St, Jamaica bound


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Nice vids, almost like half of the (E) line covered, :(!


Well most. The stations not covered were West 4th, Spring, Canal and WTC..

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Nice vids... the R143s should be running in CBTC. Do you mean ATO?


Yeah. Its hard trying to dintinguish between the two at times. When I think of CBTC, automatic trains come to mind..

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