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What is your favorite fast food chain & cheap diner to eat?

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Since a few of you were talking about in the shout box recently i thought i create a topic that affects 99.9% of Amercans and hundred of millions of people worldwide. That fast food.


Feel free to comment on your favorite 'quick service' resturants with National/international places and also 'cheap' chain diners. I will divide it up in '3' sections.


Traditional cheap 'hamburger' or full service chains; Mcdonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, White Castle, etc fits here.


Chicken, Fish and Premeuim fast food chains. KFC, Popeyes Chicken, Long John Silver Fish, Nathan's, Fatburger and Boston Market fits here.


"Cheap' or low cost chain diners: Denny's, Friendly resturants, Sizzler, IHOP and Hometown Buffett fits.


Lets get the stove and grill started on your comments lol.:tup::P:cool:

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I personally think local places like seaport cafe or dante's; by the WTC area ( places that cook REAL food ) are better because the food looks more real...and it IS real food that is being made fresh. Real cooked food is better then fast food imo

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Urban no offense but what is "Jackson Hole?"


Cheap' or low cost chain diner. There's a couple of them around Manhattan. The one I'm mostly familiar with is on 85th and Columbus. And the burgers are HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!

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My favorite fast food restaurants.

Burger Group- Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy"s

Pizza; Ray's Pizza, Deli Pizza at 92nd St/2nd Av, 99 Cent Fresh Pizza.




Chicken; Chicken Stop, KFK, Chicken (with Pizza slice at 37th/Junction- Queens), Kentrucy Fried Chicken


Hot Dog- Nathon's Famous, Popaya King


IHOP (Even I ate one pancake, but it was SO GOOD. Harlem one is always crowded)

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Oh i forgot to mention that i don't eat fast food. Diners and cafes are the closest to fast food that i get! :P


- A


Second that bro. As a fomer 'regular' of fast food especially at my time at SUNY Albany in mid 1990's i eat out too much. I mostly eat Chicken, Turkey and Fish meat products but on occcasion 1x-2x week i eat a hamburger.

Not a huge fan of red meat.


Here my current selection.


Cheap or burger fast food joints; Wendy's Taco Bell and Burger King. Mickey D's food is too fating and salty.


Preium fast food places: "Fatburger' an Southern California burger version of Nathan's that at few places in metro area. I know of one in Palsides Center in Rockland County.

Second choice; Boston Market.


chain pizza. Pizza Hut for my 'craving' of deep dish pizza.


Manahatan pizza joint for 'old NY style' pizza . Ray's famous on 6th Avenue and 11st Street in west village/chelsa area. Best pizza in NYC IMO.


National chain 'cheap' diners: Denny's and Friendly's. I go to IHOP for best pancakes and breakfast around but their lunch/dinner menu is not great.


Best 'cheap' Manhattan diner; Cosmo's on 23rd and 2nd Ave.


Best NY style Pastamri and expensive deli food diner: The Stage Deli on 7rd and 54th St. Katz's is not bad but overpriced. At least at Stage for around same $12.00 as Katz's (they give you sandwich only) you also get a small drink and small fries too.


Just my takes and choices.

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I go to McDonalds... When I had track meets, the team would meet up in McDonalds, and eat brkfst if they wanted to. After the meet, we always went to the McDonalds up the block from The Armroy no matter what the time was to go eat. (One time, we had our "Day of Distance" event and hardly anyone from the team ran due to how slow the meet was going. At the time we left, (I left @ 9:30 PM) the meet was supposedly ending around midnight. [The time I got back in Queens too])

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KFC. All the way. It's so bad for you but it's so good.



LOL. Just like smoking and drinking too much beer. In a 3-piece meal at KFC there so much calories and sodium in it, you can all of that salt alone in 2 cups of coffee and still have some left over.:P


Seriously just like drinking wine only during Thanksgiving or the Christmas/New Years Holidays i eat KFC now maybe once every 2-3 months. I now only eat Boston Market Chicken for take out or maybe once a month ready made fried chicken from supermarkets in my area ie Super Wal Mart, Shop Rite, etc.


Yes the supermarket ready made fried chicken can also be high in sodium. I am not sure down in the city, but up here upstate NY, if you call the deli and special order departments that make them do a special request order of 'limited use of salt' for the fried chicken or cooked foods. This work even if you have health issues like diabties.

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Red Lobster,any restaurant at City Island.



Great choice for family owned resturants especially during the summer. I forget the name of the place but there place out at City Island that makes great fried shrimp better than Long Jump Silver or ArthurTreachers.:tup:(now served at Nathan's stores)

Maybe somebody on here knows? It near the end/last resturant on City Island Ave.

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