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Starting A New Book: The Fastest Way Uptown

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Yes, after a successful launch with Southriderz: Love At Fest Kiss, I decided to start a new book. Along with a Southriderz sequel, I started with a clean slate. Why not? This new book take place in the land of the :septa:! That's right, this is the new book The Fastest Way Uptown. This particular book is different from my usual writing style. It's focuses on 19-year-old Jasmine (Jazz) Leona. She's a lazy freeloader who works a dead-end job until one day she meet the man of her dreams. He will do his best to change Jazz from a selfish freeloader to a independent woman.


P.S. Originally called the "The Lindsay Rosenthal Chronicals." I did some research and renamed the main character and renamed to the book "The Fastest Way Uptown" after :septa:'s Broad Street Subway which half of the book takes place on.

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I wanted to update you guys on the book. I finished 14 out of the 16 chapters and I finally have a full plot. I'm quiet happy with the way it came out. So I also decided to dedicate the book to the girl who's the basis of the main character.


I have a snippet of the story for the transit fans here, especially you SEPTA fans.


From Chapter 2:

Jazz walked down the long stairway at Lombard-South station, her home stop. The Broad Street Subway was Jazz’s only way uptown. A long five car train pulled in and the doors sprung opened and she walked in. The two seater by the back of the car was the last seat left for Jazz. She sat down and the train took off.

Just after Race-Vine station, Jazz felt a tap on her shoulder. “Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

Jazz turn her head but was stunned when she saw him. He was short but handsome and had long brown hair to his shoulders. His arms were extremely pumped, and his eyes were a shining lime green.

“Um, sure,” she stumbled. “Please.”

He sat down next to her and smiled. He laid his arm on top of her arm. It wasn’t to cares her; it was just lack of space. The train flew through Cecil B. Moore and Susquehanna in a blink of an eye.

Jazz smiled deeply whenever he turned his head towards her. She already was having fantasies rolling in her head like a cinema. He moved his arm toward her thigh as the train breezed by North Philadelphia. He smiled at her, she smiled back.

A long sigh led eventually to him putting his hand on her thigh. Her eyes rolled back and she was in dreamland with him. It was crazy how they just met and they were taken into each other.

The train pulled into Erie station. He arose from his seat and waved at Jazz. Jazz was too stunned to wave back. He walked off the train and began walking to the exit. Jazz then realize what she was letting slip away. She got up and dashed toward the door knocking people over in the process. She finally made it to the doors but they shut in her face. The train began to move once more. She saw him walking and made a finger heart to him. He blew a kiss just before the train plunged back into the darkness.

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