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Queens Blvd Line!

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MTA New York City Transit

Service Alert


Posted on:3/13/2009 2:17:35 PM


Due to New York Fire Department activity in the area of Livingston Street and Elm Place in Brooklyn, please expect delays in service on the B37, B41, B67 and B103 buses.


Also, due to switch problems at the Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer Station, selected (E) trains are running on the (F) line in both directions between the Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike Station and the Jamaica-179th Street Station

Please expect delays in service on (E) and (F) trains at this time

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The E going down the F really throws some people for a loop, especially with Van Wyck Blvd and Sutphin Blvd. being stations on both lines. You know how often i've heard "where is jamaica station" after getting off of a 179 St-bound E at Sutphin? :eek:

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Yea. However in the evening rush it seems like they don't make the decision to run certain E's to 179th St until 71st-Continental or Union Turnpike. Usually it's at 71st-Cont. and it goes local to 179th. If it's at Union T'Pke (rare, I've only seen it happen once or twice) it's cool cause it goes express.


There are actual pre scheduled E's to leave from 179th St (I think there are 4, the E has 26 trains). They run on the express track.


They don't usually run on the express tracks in the evening because they start storing trains there around 7:30-8pm at Union Turnpike. (R) and (V) trains are stored in the vicinity of Supthin Blvd and 169th St. While E's are stored at Union Turnpike through to somewhere in between Briarwood and Supthin Blvd.




As far as people getting confused, you can't really blame them. Announcements aren't very clear most of the time and conductors don't always repeat them enough times before closing up. Plus people are sleeping/have headphones on/etc... and just don't notice.


I think Jamaica-Van Wyck could just be called Jamaica Avenue. For the rest though people just need to pay attention to the fact that the E and F run parallel and share stops at the same Blvd's, but run under differen't and semi close avenues.

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