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Lost a bag containing some stuff @ 51 St.

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Coming home from school today, I got off the 6 at 51st St. S/B at around 5:50-6:00, leaving my bag behind. This is a black string bag with the words "Mamie fay School PTA" on it (my old school BTW) written in yellow, in the corner on one side. Inside is my track stuff, which is a white shirt, black sweats, and purple mesh shorts.


If for some reason you have this bag, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Again, it's a black string bag. I highly doubt any of you will actually have this bag, and it's probably at a station booth waiting sending to the lost and found, but it can't hurt to try anyway.


BTW, once I realized I lost it, I DID go back and hunt down the same train (via car #) and look for the bag in that car. Didn't see it (but saw the exact same trash i remember seeing before in that car). I will be notifying the station booths from 51-BB (in case anyone turns it in to those stations) on Sunday or Tuesday, and have already notified the MTA's lost and found page.


If anyone has any info it is greatly appreciated.

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...try to notify a station agent immediately with the info including what train you were on and car #... they HAVE stopped trains en route to have the crew look for things left behind and sometimes they have found them.


Hey, if they stopped me I'd have a legitimate reason to be late and, really, who likes losing their stuff!? We've ALL forgotten something and should be sensitive to that.

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Well man, that's bollocks for you, you're dealing with some of the busiest stops here...

-Go online to the L&F page (as you did)

-Ask the train crews, sometimes the station agents do little to help. I mean, they're outside of fare control.

-Check the L&F office at 34th Street (A)(C)(E)

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