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(W)olly Old (B)ravo, (D)elta-(N)ancy Time Photos

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Dude we need to go railfanning together sometime. I wanna get amazing shots like this too LOL.


OMG R40 (C)!! ohh wait.you got me.lol.cool pictures.and theres prove that R68 is still on the (N)


I got to ride it...fastest local ride to Euclid I ever had

the slants are fast

could be to replace the R38's/


Nah they did that sometime within the last 3 months. There were R40Ms/R42s running on the C for a short time too. From what I see now its all R32s/38s for the time being.

I know but I was lucky to catch it and it was a full 10 car set

Nice, clear and crisp awesomeness... My favorite is the first one and Coney Island, :P!


Great pics, but stop reposting the old pictures over and over.


only some is old most of them is new

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