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a couple of "Fine Pix" from Tuesday


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Wonderful pics and vid....love the Neoplans, Flxibles and NovaBus the most :tup:!

thanks! funny you left the gilligs out looks like people out of town dont like them that much either lol


Pretty sweet shots, liking that RTS!

thank you, MMVTA is on the verge of retiring them soon gonna get replaced by gilligs


Wow, that Flx is still hanging in there!

1 out of the 3 remaining!


Nice pics!

thank you


Nice bonus!! :tup:

thanks a bunch!! theres more where that came from


Great shots, I like that color on 1934.

Fresh out the paint booth last week we got 4 metroliners painted that color now PAT seems to be in love with that bahama yellow.

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