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Gov't Agencies' Employee Benefits


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reading the thread about T/O Salary, got me to wondering which agency (city, state, or federal) has the best benefits. i work for the post office and i can tell you we do NOT have the best benefits. for retirement we have to work 30 years and have the age (im not quite sure of the age but i was sent a letter saying i could retire at 57). but thats only with 60% pension plus 2% for each additional year worked. as far as the healthcare, that used to be pretty good but all the unions had to give in and now each year we are going to lose 1% of our healthcare. the post office was paying for 85% of it but that number is going to dwindle, eventually to what the other federal agencies pay, which is 72%. the pay is ok if you dont live in NYC. im a supervisor and i make less than what the starting pay for train operator is (slightly). when i was a mail handler we had sunday premiums (not saturday though) and night differentials. double pay for holidays worked and decent sick and annual time. sick is 4 hours per pay period and annual is 104 hours/yr (years 1-3), 160 hours/yr (years 3-15), or 204 hours (years 15+).


the jobs i really wonder about are police officer, firefighter, sanitation worker, toll booth clerk, and court officer. train operator has been thoroughly discussed in other threads. and as you can see, im only interested in the positions where anyone can apply without having a degree but still not end up living in poverty

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