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K-OS on the Eastern Pkwy Line Today (& Mixed R160 Alert)

R62A 1991

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The pictures don't pertain to the topic, they're just stuff.


Oh, and K-OS stands for Knowledge of Self, the opposite of Chaos.


So, I was under the impression that Manhattan-bound (2), (3), and (4) trains were running express today. That's what the poster said in my station. They decided to change it last minute to Crown Heights & New Lots Av-bound trains instead. The poster didn't change in my station. Nice. So, we get to Franklin Av, and EVERYONE from the (2) shuttle comes in. There was a shuttle from Franklin to Flatbush, and (2) trains from Manhattan ran to Utica. They would NOT stop holding the doors. Mind that I was almost late for my meeting because of this. I ditched the (3) for the (D) at Atlantic so I could get to Manhattan faster.


Over the Manny B: R160A 8663-8668 and R160B 9047-9052. Wait, yes, that's right, an R160A Alstom and an R160B Siemens set mixed in an (N) train going to Coney Island.


Turns out I was super early for my meeting. I got there at 8:23 thinking it was at 8:30, but it was at 9 AM.


Saw the same R160A-B Alstom-Siemens set going BACK to Manhattan while I was going back to Brooklyn. The (D) doesn't get enough love, I got from West 4th to Atlantic in about 15 minutes.


Later on, I was thinking a super fast Eastern Pkwy EXP down to New Lots. Wrong. Because they were relaying BOTH (2) and (4) trains at Utica, everything was held up on the express. I was thinking why not send the (2) trains to New Lots Av instead, especially because since the (L) bustitution was going on, the (3) got a surprising amount of extra riders today. And New Lots can handle both (2) and (3) trains. It handles ALL (2) and <5> trains going into Livonia Yard during the midday every weekday.


So that's my day. Why not a few pictures from this morning?





And from yesterday?




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nice photos




Nice shots, that same set of (N), I was on during the afternoon, bet. 12 PM - 1 PM, I boarded the same set at CI.


Thanks. It was still out there today on the (N), glad it was.


Nice shots!




Wonderful shots :tup:!




Nice stuff!




Nice pix from all over the (MTA) in a swoop...


Thanks! It takes a LONG time to get to Queens from ENY.

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