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03/16/09 Trip within Both South Ferry.


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I took lots of picture of old South Ferry Station. I left house around 9:14, thinking new one opens 10am.

Today i got on front car of R62A Bombadier (7) #1766 departed Junction Blvd @ 9:22.

Arrive 74th St-Broadway @ 9:26.

I made mad run to Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av and got on front car of St. Louis R40A #4453 departed 9:32, arrive 42nd St-Port Authority Bus Terminal at 9:49.

I made MAD RUSH TO TIMES SQ Platform and got on front car of Bombadier R142 #6331 departed 9:55am.

Due to signal problem, I miss (1) train that was at Houston St.

Arrive Chambers St at 10:06.

I was also helping.

I got on front car of Bombadier R62A #Forgot departed 10:12, arrive OLD SOUTH FERRY @ 10:17.

TO be continued...

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(NYCT) Employee there said it opens 12pm, so I took 10:23 (1) Fifth Car#2266 departed and arrive Rector St at 10:24, which I change to #2216 (6th car) b/c there was South Ferry group, but train conductor direct them to walk straight south and departed 10:25, arrive Chambers St @ 10:27.

Next, I got on front car of R62 Kawasaki #1390 (3) departed 10:30, arrive Park Place at 10:32.

Next, I mad run to front end of uptown Chambers St, where I got on St. Louis R44 #5372 (A) departed 10:40, arrive 42nd St-Port Authority Bus Terminal @ 10:51.

Next I ran to Fresh 99 Cent Pizza which now happen to have sales tax, so it cost $1.07.

After I bough slice, I board MJQ TMC RTS-06 #8687 departed 42nd St/9th Av @ 11:08, arrive 7th Av at 11:04.

I got on 6th car of R62A Bombadier #2335 departed 11:12.

As train was approaching Houston St, "Attention passenger going to South Ferry, you must be on first five cars of this train. REAR CARS INCLUDING CONDUCTOR'S CARS WILLL NOT BE OPEN AT SOUTH FERRY STATION.

At Rector St, T/O ask me when I want to go and I told him, I'm going back to Chambers St.

First Five cars opened at South Ferry @ 11:27.

I was trying to rear car point of view to see if there was passenger in REAR FIVE CARS AND THERE WAS!. SEVEN PEOPLE WHO WERE CONFUSED!!

I pointed to poster on wall and now they understand. I told them after 12pm, all cars open.

Departed 11:31 and arrive Chambers St @ 11:36.

I show them to 5th car of South Ferry-bound (1) train.

Got on fifth car #2226 departed Chambers St @ 11:40, arrive Old South Ferry @ 11:45.

Passengers on #2335 said thank you.

I took few pictures with last (1) train 11:57, and (5) using inner loop moved 11:58-11:59. After last car on (5) disappear, I made mad run outside to new station.

To be continued...

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Enter New South Ferry Station and took front car of Bombadier R62A #2405 departed 12:09.

I wanted to see if R160 on (W) is updated.

Arrive Times Sq at 12:28.

There was announcement.

"Ladies & Gentlemen! There are new free transfer to (1) train at Whitehall St has been open today."

I went to 40th St end of BMT Broadway Downtown Platform for waiting for R160 (W).

First, R46 (R) departed, R160 (Q), R68/A (Q) (Not sure b/c I wasn't paying attention), R160 (N), and then got on front car of R160A Alstom #8863 departed 12:48, arrive Whitehall St at 13:09. IT WASN'T UPDATED YET.

When I exit, there was water main break on IRT 7th Av Line, so I took advance of ADA Elevator up to Street Level and use restroom inside the terminal b/c Whitehall St Station one was dirty.

I took advange of elevator back to new mezzaine level and enter Whitehall St via new terminal after took picture from top level of ferry building.

As I was walking toward Stone St end on uptown platform, I saw R160 (W) coming in and even that wasn't updaded yet.

I got front car of R46 Pullman (R) 5704 departed 13:49, arrive Times Sq-42nd St @ 14:23.

I went to downtown IRT 7th Av Platform again caught 14th St-bound (1) #2455 departed 14:27, arrive last stop 14th St @ 14:38 due to water main break.

I help little and went outside to get 75 cent snack.

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I like to be detail.

I forgot to add, I escorted passenger to M20 bus outside, but he took taxi instead.

I went back inside 14th St (1)(2)(3) and help while I was waiting for (1) train going back to South Ferry Terminal.

It was mad house at Chambers St and lots of passengers were confused and stranded. Even there was non English speaking Chinese who could not understand English was CONFUSED. i tried to help them with slow English or map, but they couldn't understand.

After not in servie (2) approach 14th St, then service restore with residual delays at 15:50.

At 15:55, (1) train pull over on express track. I got on 6th car #2206 and South Ferry local going express departed @ 15:58.

At Chambers St, people were still rushing for FIRST FIVE CARS, and I said, "All cars open at South Ferry." while female Conductor said, "You DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE CARS. NEW STATION OPENS ALL CARS."

Same at Rector St and arrive back New South Ferry Terminal at 16:10.

Due to signal problem, I waited for (1) train and soon (1) train came with rear passengers were HAPPY and ran back in via excuse me, then boarded #2209 2nd car, then 1st car #2210 and departed 16:26.

Arrive Chambers St @ 16:29 because I saw (3) pull over at same time.

I got on Kawasaki R62A Bombadier #1626 departed 1632, arrive Times Sq @ 16:40.

Since uptown IRT was crowded, I walk down IRT Downtown platform, where i met either BVE Station, NYCT Forum and enter R62A Bombadier front car #2090 on <7> express departed 16:46, arrive Junction Blvd @ 17:08.


To be continued...

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Yuki, you shouldn't be running around the subway, not only will you risk hurting yourself but other passengers as well.


agreed on that, or a NYPD will find him suspsious


and yuki no listening to no one -_-b

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Well, the New One opened at 12:00 Noon with Gov. Paterson and Cheif. Sanders giving the first two inaugural swipes and first train leaving the New South Ferry Station...

When I walk down the 41st St passegeway tunnel from (A)(C)(E) to Times Sq, I always LOSE OUT OF CONTROL" and my leg cannot stop when I am on slanted slope.

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agreed on that, or a NYPD will find him suspsious


and yuki no listening to no one -_-b

I am listening, but I thought it was 10am.

Only when new thing open, I want to get there quick, but my guest at home wanted to go to JFK Airport to see TWA Terminal, so I left late and miss the <7> express when I approach Junction Blvd Staircase.

Police did not say anything when I was running/fast waliking to front/6th cars.

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