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Question about B and Q trains between atlantic and dekalb


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Ive always wondered the same thing man. View the tunnel via the window one day of a 60' car and one can actually see whats happening. First Brighton goes straight, a switch track comes up with the Brighton trains staying straight on the mainline, with a left hand switch track that connects to the 4 Av local track ( ®/(M) track at Dekalb; the (Q) uses this track when running via Montague, and/or the (J) (S)huttle uses that track when running between Essex and Prospect Park, when there is no (4) service) then it does a couple of winding turns then finally another sharp right turn into Dekalb crossing over the switch track thats coming from the 4 Av Local Track.


Basically the (:(/(Q) swing around the whole (D)/(M)/(N)/® switch configuration,(North of the Atlantic Av-Pacific St-4 Av Station & DeKalb Av South) which is why it takes about 2-3 minutes upon entering DeKalb Av.

Hope that helps;)

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