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Express bus pics

Forest Glen

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Nice pics

Nice pix from Manhattan, where is this (I know it is in Manhattan)?

Most of these pics are taken near Battery Place (Bowling Green area) The QM1A was taken at Trinity Place outside Trinity Church. The X15 pic was taken at Broadway outside Trinity Church. The X20 was taken at Bowling Green (close to Battery Pl)

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I don't know why x20's run (and end) so early.... by time I get to lower manhattan getting off at rector, I rarely ever see em (same deal w/ the x18)... good catch on that one...


The shot of the x15 is one of my fav's here... they come like wildfire around 6:00-6:45... IMO, that route has too much service... still a nice ride though...


The shot of the 120 is another one I liked out of the small bunch.... Did you manage to see the BxM18, or all the Academy buses that line up on that block? Probably not; looks as if you took these shots around 3 or 4pm....


... and I'm still tryna figure out when this Manhattan-Roslyn/Glen Cove service started... least they don't run as sparingly as Hampton Jitney does....

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nice pics, how heavily used is the x20 anyway?


don't know about it's AM ridership...


PM ridership aint too great - if you see more than 10 people on any given x20, that would be considered high for that route... lol...

(and I'm being generous with 10)

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Guest Charles
Nice shots. Didn't know that CP would run the V CNGs on the QM1A route.


Really? They fly down Queens Blvd during PM rush hours one after the other lol...not so sure about the morning rush tho.


it's funny...at the 57th st Queens Express bus terminal, every time I go there's always someone one of the other bus stops that's always cursing at the large number of QM1/A service.

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