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Railfanning-3/21-West End-Sea Beach

Sea Beach

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So I decided to do a lil RF today. I got yelled at by a (MTA) Cleaner at 20th Ave via West End for taking a pic,he was sweeping. I explined to him how photography is allowed,he didnt wanna hear it! I just walked away from him.

I'll start with Sea Beach (N)






Trains were terminating at T.S due to a G.O







West End (D)


20th Ave






Bay Pkwy







Please Rate Vid. Enjoy! :(

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An R68 with the front windows not blocked by newspapers? that's a rarity. btw, fixed your title.


Yes,it is very rare to find that. Thanks for fixing the title,it said Leach instead of Beach,lmao. I didnt want anyone to think I was getting bit by leaches :(


Exactly, nearly every R68 lead car RF windows are blocked by something.


Great shots, BTW!


Yes they are. Thanks! :)


Nice. Sorry about the overzealous cleaner.


Thanks! :)


Dont worry about it,just another dumbfounded (MTA) employee who dont know the rules. :(

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Nice pix and catch of the G.O.! Really rare G.O. on the (N)!



Thanks! :) Yeah,its pretty rare to find that G.O.




I also searched youtube for R68 Railfan window,and only my video came up,so im the first person to put a R68 Railfan window video up. It is very rare to find a RF window on a R68,very rare.

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Those are some good catches by the way. The (N) and (D) trains are looking good! Well I hope you don't ever have that experience again with those grumpy cleaners.



Thanks! :)

i'll just ignore them and walk away from them if it ever happened again.

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