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NEC,RVL and some ACES from this weekend

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I forgot to share some photos from the RVL I took this past Friday so I will include them with the shots I took today along the NEC after finding out that Browns Yard would not have anything new until the afternoon. I'll share those as well...don't worry. As usual this will be NJT related with a separate thread for the Amtrak stuff. Like I said if it was one or two photos I would just post them but I have alot to share so its all linked.



RVL and Lehigh Line:


Started out with a Raritan bound set lead by 4032:



That was followed by a Newark Bound set with 4020 Pushing:




Then the only Freight i saw all morning came by :)(Its alright though Since I chased a freight down the Freehold Line later in the day:cool:)



Then back over to the RVL, where 4018 came in pulling a train bound for High Bridge:



I waited around to see another Newark bound set before calling it a day this one had 4008 pushing:



NEC related stuff from today and the bonus Browns Yard stuff:


First transit set I saw was Arrow III's lead by 1486:



Next was an Arrow set deadheading back to Morrisville:



That was followed shortly by 4616 pulling ML's to Trenton:



A NYP bound set lead by 4610 was next:



Then an ACES set came by being lead by 4405 with 4800 on the end:




I took a shot of an Arrow Set sitting in County Yard:



Then a NYP bound Arrow III set passed lead by 1491:



That was followed by a Trenton bound Arrow III set lead by 1338:



A NYP bound train lead by 4613 passed next:



Another NYP bound set lead by cab car 7016 was next:



Cab car 7001 lead a Trenton bound set with 4621 pushing next:




That was followed by an Arrow III set bound for NY lead by 1476:



The last Transit train I saw was a Trenton bound set being lead by 4617:



As an added bonus here is some power from Browns Yard this afternoon including CSX 4428 still in Conrail Blue:






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Thanks, ACES is a pain to catch there are times where it will pass another train right in front of me and I have to set to another angle quick, otherwise I miss it.


I think that's accidentally on purpose. The timing blocks that they use to space the trains tend to work against railfans, however from time to time you get the perfect situation. :cool:


Sitting for hours, sometimes overnight, at certain stations has taught me this.


- A

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