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Amtrak shots from today 3-22-2009 at Jersey Ave

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Headed over to Jersey Ave today on the NEC and here are the Amtrak shots. The NJT related stuff as well as a bonus are located in the NJT forum:


Started out with an Acela:



That was followed by a NER lead by 918:



Next was NYP bound NER lead by two AEM7AC's:



That was followed by a NYP bound Keystone Cab car leading with 952 on the rear:




That was followed by a DC bound Acela:



A DC bound NER had two AEM7DC's on it next:



That was followed by a NYP bound NER lead by 938:



That was followed by the Silver Star heading to its final destination of NYP:



657 an HHP-8 lead a DC bound NER through next:



That was followed by another DC bound NER with 908 in the lead:



Two Amtrak trains passed each other ruining shots of the NYP bound so I was only able to catch 929 pushing a Keystone:



Next was an NYP bound Acela:



That was followed by a NYP bound Keystone with cab car leading and 904 pushing:




The next set was a NER lead by 935 for DC:




That was followed shortly by 911 pulling a NYP bound NER:




That was followed by the south bound Crescent lead by HHP-8 659:



And the last Amtrak train I saw was a NYP bound Acela:






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Right now since I just made the transition to digital not that long ago I use an older Nikon E8700 its a step below an DSLR, as soon as I find an DSLR I like I'll buy one, the problem I have is I don't know which model I like yet, some I feel fine with but others have been better so it could be a while haha.

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