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Some photos from the Staten Island Ferry:

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12x zoom ftw!



The Brooklyn Bridge..



Statue of Liberty with ppl's heads in the way lol



Manhattan bound SI Ferry



Verrazano bridge



This is: Staten Island



Manhattan as seen from almost SI


and finally, a video of the Boat fan window (yes there is such a thing lol)




Thanks for lookin, and enjoy your day !

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Once the summer rolls around, i'm gonna have to go ride the ferry and get some shots, I ain't goin' on no ferry in this weather (brrrrrrr).


Great shots. :tup:

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Thanks guys!


I was on the highest level of the boat on the outside lol wasn't really a window but still just to make it sound foamy


The ferrys a great place to view the city.. How many of the ppl on the ferry do you think actually live on staten island and use it for commuting purposes only? Lol

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