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Fred G

Some CT Amtrak Shots

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Greetings from uhh...yeah, Connecticut. I managed to get out and grab some shots from here and there along the coast.




AEM7 901 coming up on Miners Lane grade crossing




The actual Miners Lane grade crossing. Ok ok, lazy slug, sitting in my truck. I'll get out next time ;)




HHP-8 658 passing Rocky Neck




Acela 2013 passing Rocky Neck on the way to Boston




Sunny Bridgeport with AEM7's 928 and 940 leading the southbound Vermonter.


That's it for now; thanks for viewing!

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Gotta watch those grade crossings! :eek:


- A


Thanks. Indeed, that is the crossing where a woman was killed by an Acela a few years ago. I believe she passed out from illness while driving and didn't stop in time.;)


Nice shots as always!


Thanks very much, SevenEleven!


Great shots, my favorite is the third one.


Thanks, nycbusfan!


Excellent shots:tup:!


Thank you, Curtis :D


Beautiful stuff! I would trade a day in Jersey along the NEC for that any day! :tup::tup:


Thanks! I could go for some NEC time in Jersey to be honest, partly inspired by your photos.


Excellent pix on the Amtrak! Third one looks amazing, :)!


Thanks, AWWang!


Good stuff


Thanks, Forest Glen!

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Nice! Your shots in general are inspiring me to save up to buy a Canon 40D.


On the third one, did you intend for it to look like that or is it wide-angle distortion working in your favor?

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