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I'm back!!!


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So, since last week i've been really taking it easy and laying low, because i injured my left pinky finger whilst biking at 4 am in town. I wasn't looking and i ran into one of those stupid cart collection things they they have out in parking lots.


Anyways, i fractured a piece of the distal phalanx near the joint when the impact made a ligament that is part of the joint pull it away from the main part of the bone (which is in the top bone of the finger). I did this on monday, and didn't get x-ray till wed because my doctor couldn't see me till then. I got a full length splint which immobilized my entire finger from the palm up the next day. If you ever tried to hold your pinky fully extended & make a fist that's what i've dealt with since thursday afternoon.


So, just about 2 hours ago i got a new splint which is much smaller and allows for much more mobility in my hand. The area not affected, which is the first joint up from the palm, was very stiff, and i may take the splint off for a few minutes before i go to sleep to flex it a bit.


No word yet on how long it will be till all is well with it, however i am back to my usual duties here. :cool:


As soon as i can i'll post the x-rays so you can all oogle at them. ;):cool:


- A

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