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I just rode an R160 on the (F) from Jay St to 18th Ave like an hour ago and it was really cool! I like the announcements on the (F) better than those on the (M) and (N) The lady sounds clearer and less muffled. One weird thing was that between Ft Hamilton Pkwy and Church Ave the lights turned off for like 2 seconds. Never seen that on a R160 before.

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I heard that they are only service for a short while , so T/Os can get the feel of it.


The crew needs to be certified in operating them before they can even run them in revenue service. If they are operating them, they are already certified.

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I saw 3 R160 sets on the (F) tonight not counting the one I was on. I have to say I like them alot, but my trip was kinda slow from Jay Street to 15th Street due to a track fire at 15th.
Sounds like another bum is trying to keep himself warm...
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Not this time, I was talking to the track guys and they said it was a build up of trash under the 3rd rail maybe 10-15 feet into the tunnel. They said it was minor, but you still need to shut down power and stop trains in the area.

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Everyone seems to be enjoying the R160A's on the (F) finally. Here's the rest of my R160A on the (F). I rode 9242 R160A on the (F). Taken from my camera phone.





I showed these earlier, but I wanted to show more.







Good luck catching the R160 on the (F), everyone!

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Woohoo! R160's on the (F)! Cant wait to ride one!


[Curake79] I don't see the big deal either, your behind don't care what seat it goes on....a seat is a seat. A train is not your house


I'm going to have to disagree on that one. The R160's bench seats are very comfortable, but for me after 10 minutes of sitting on a orange seat, my butt hurts.

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