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If Orion wanted to introduce artics for NYCTA


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If Orion wanted to produce articulated buses for NYCTA, they have to look no further than their sister European bus manufacturing company, Mercedes. All that Orion would need to do is get they o.k. (which I know they would, since they are part of the same company), from Mercedes to produce this exact bus in the USA (N.Y. plant). It's the Citaro G. Here are a couple of pics from transbus.org.





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Orion based the design of the VII NG off the Citaro.


I know by the front of the buses (still some differences among the back and sides). What I am saying is they should just sell the Citaro G here as is, but just with the Orion badge. No basing designs for the artic. Just produce and sell it as is, with the Orion nameplate. The blueprints are already there, just gear up the plant for production of these.

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