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MTA Monthly Unlimited Card question


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Hello everyone,

I'm a new member here, so if I'm breaking any rules/etiquette, please forgive!


I currently get my monthly metro card bundled with my monthly Metro-North card - paid online.


With the impending hike, is it possible to buy 4-5 monthly Metro Cards (@$81/card) and stock up on them for use after the hike kicks in? I just heard a couple of friends tell me that a 30-day unlimited Metro card doesn't activate until the first swipe - is this correct?


Obviously, I'm probably not the first person to have thought of this - so, could the MTA potentially find a way to "nullify" these hoarded cards?


Thanks for your help everyone!

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What is the grace period? I've heard varying numbers from 1-month to 1-year.

If the grace period is 1 month - then at the least, 1 metro card can be bought in advance.


The grace period is yet be known in the upcoming fare hike.

History shows:

If I can remember correctly,

The last fare hike for 30 day Unlimited was up to 6 months grace period, but MTA announces 5 to 7 days later when they jackup the prices.


The 2003 fare hike for 30 day Unlimited was up to 1 month grace period. They and the media announce before the start of the fare hike.

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You can't do that. The MTA has a grace period for which cards are valid. People tried this during the last fare hike and it didn't work.


The last fare hike was poorly run by MTA to announce the grace period after the fare hike.


If there is a big fare hike, MTA should annouce the grace period before the fare hike set date.

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It's honestly a good question. With previous fare hikes my father had always suggested doing what you're suggesting (he's been with NYCT for about 26 years now) but I personally never tried it and don't know how the MTA plans to deal with it. I can only imagine they must allow a good buffer of time for people to utilize these cards or else a lot of people can get a lot of refunds.


Unfortunately, unless you're on the MTA Board, you're in the dark... :confused:

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