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another scam????


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two months ago, i asked you if i was involved in an online scam about a woman claiming to be trapped in an african hotel. thanks to you, i was able to avoid losing $850 to someone i do not know. unfortunately, I met another woman online by the name of jeannie peter and now i am not sure. after a long and thorough conversation describing myself to her and vice-versa, she and a company she claims to work for have asked me to send $4000 to a person in nigeria who owns a piece of land that she says she wants to live at with me. if i do that, i would receive several documents that would have to fill out before that property in nigeria becomes mine. i may also have to pay an additional $2,500 for taxes and fees before the owner would hand over the deed of the home to me and jeannie, where we can live together. now i have not sent any money because i am not certain if it is a scam or not. These are the reasons why it looks like a scam:


1. i never met Jeannie in person before.

2. the supposed land is in nigeria, a common place for online scammers.

3. i am being asked to send money via western union or money gram.

4. i never heard of the honest financial company limited or the manager of Jeannie, Daniel Welfred

5. i never heard of the person who supposedly owns the land.

6. jeannie says "i love you" in her letters even though we never met before.

7. she once had several different names in her messages, which may indicate she is talking to many people at once, though she does not use words like "honey" or "sweetie". she actually uses my name when she talks to me.

8. she says she has already told the company that i am her husband even though we never met.


now here the reasons why it does not look like a scam:

1. jeannie actually answers my questions in her emails and does not write fancy letters or anything like that. she talks like a real person.

2. a google search of jeannie and the people she works for do not pop up as a list of known scammers.

3. i am talking to two different people who say the same thing, send $4000 to nigeria, but it could be one person posing as two.

4. jeannie's photos are not enticing nor do they look like model pictures taken from a magazine or the internet. they look like regular pictures that were taken at someone's home.

5. jeannie is not a very attractive woman. in fact, her photos show her wearing too much make-up that makes her look quite ugly.

6. when i did not reply for a long time, she sent me a message asking if something was wrong.

7. she had to change her email address because she claims her account was hacked.

8. when i first emailed the company, they asked me who was i referring to.

9. her profile was not immediately deleted from the site where i met her.


so tell me, does this look like a scam to your or not? if so, how do i avoid scams like these in the future and how should i end my relationship with these people without hurting their feelings? please let me know because i might also be involved in other similar scams and really do not want to have to ask you for something like this again.

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Flushing Express, you are a little too gullible for your own good. You'd better wisen up before someone like Jeannie, who's probably named Johnny, takes you for a ride that a <7> train will never be able to equal.


if so, how do i avoid scams like these in the future and how should i end my relationship with these people without hurting their feelings?


It's very simple: stay away from these Internet meeting places and if you need to terminate correspondance just delete their e-mails and ignore them. If you're looking for people to meet, there is actually one place where many people your age congregate every weekday and mingle. It's called "school."

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If I see another thread about a stupid ridiculous obvious scam from you I'm going to suspend your ability to create threads. After that you will be banned for good. As the matter of fact, this is your final warning.

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