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I sent an important email.... Care to read?

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Send E-mail to Rep. Santarsiero

Dear Representative Santarsiero,


Hey steve, we talked for a bit last october or september, i live in newtown crossing. If you don't remember it's cool i understand your office has a lot of stuff going on. i just wanted to remind you, that the rail link to fox chase from newtown is still waiting for you folks in Harrisburg to bring it back to life. I know it's not an easy task, especially with the current economic situation, but i think it should and could be done. Here in newtown the township government supports it, and we are simply waiting for state action to allow either SEPTA or a new entity to operate trains, be it streetcar, light rail what have you on this very historic right of way. Please get back to me on this. Any documentation about the cost and whatnot would be cool if you could send it to me, this way the local residents along the line can have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and why etc. Thanks in advance, and yes i did vote for you. Al the best. - Andy






Andy H.

Newtown, PA



I sent this to my local representative in Harrisburg.


- A

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Interesting! The R8 used to go to Newtown, right?


The reverse is true. The line used to see trains before there was an R8, then :septa: cut it back to fox chase when conrail stepped out of the picture in feb 1983.


It started operating in the 1860's. If PRR (then obsessed with expanding between philly & nyc) at the time had not interfered, this would be a line through my town to NYC from philadelphia. Thankfully (NJT) may re-open the west trenton line, which is a 8 mile trip from my house. Currently the closest NEC station is levittown and trenton 15 and 17 miles respectively. In any case, this line would allow people in a large area to take the train by decreasing the distance they had to drive. Right now you'd get yardley, woodbourne, or warminster. Not good enough! :septa: folks say that you can just hop on the R3, however R3 service is too sparse, and the terminal is west trenton, not yardley. If newtown was the terminal, you'd have a much better chance of getting your train because they sit there with a door open vs stop & go. The average stop at levittown lasts about 20-25 seconds when i've ridden the train! (NJT) is about 45 seconds, sometimes 1-2 minutes if its running ahead of schedule or at a major stop. :septa: either is on time, doesn't see people & leaves early, or is late. (NJT) is either on time or late.


I want more solid service from :septa:, and a way to circumvent the need for a car.


- A

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