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NY1: FAA To Keep Bird Strike Records Secret

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The Federal Aviation Administration wants to keep records secret about how often planes are damaged by flocks of birds.


The agency says it fears a public backlash if the data were released, and it says carriers and airports would stop reporting the incidents.


FAA officials originally said they would release their bird strike database.


More than 100,000 reports of bird strikes have been voluntarily reported by airlines and airports since 1990.


The Associated Press requested the database after US Airways Flight 1549 went down safely in the Hudson back in January.


A bird strike is thought to have caused the engines to fail.


From NY1 (11:01)

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Meh, it is just something the U.S. likes to put as secret but it is still known that a Canadian Geese hit Flight 1549...


So? Flight 1549 is an American jet. It's under the jurisdictions of FAA. People should know about these bird strikes.

The FAA is probably doing this in the defence for the commercial airline industry. I mean, if you found out Northwest has x amount of bird strikes annually, and that these could bring down a 747, would you purchase a ticket from them? Not safe but, they're trying to protect the industry.

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Well, it is not about industry... It is probably not on record but it is still known by a lof of people...


Dude... the FAA does have records of these things. Bird strikes can be critical to a plane's flight. I mean, a Canadian goose won't destroy an entire plane, but it affects the flight.

These things get recorded, in fact it is mandated. The flight crew must alert to the company or the nearest tower or whatever of any anomalies during the flight. These reports are viewed by the FAA, but it is at the FAA's decision to release or not release certain information.

In this economy, the FAA, IMO, is scared that if these reports are released to the public, the public will be afraid to board flights. When the people are afraid, they can end up as to not purchasing seats. Entire companies may lose business because of this. And it hurts the airline industry. The FAA doesn't want this to happen.

You have to think on both sides of the picture.

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I mean, it is a selfish move done by the FAA, but if this report gets let out, many people would be afraid to board planes. And when the plane industry is hurt, tourism goes down and it can start a domino effect. This can lead to more economic troubles.

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