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Electric Pimpin'! (56K WARNING)


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Great shots!
Thanks Bee Sicks ;)
Great pics!
Thanks MTR!
nice photos
Thanks man!


It'll be someday that only hybrids and CNGs will remain.

I doubt it but I wouldn't be suprised :P thanks!
Great pics!
Thanks R160B!
nice photos....the driver 3914 see you a lot.
Ohh yes he did, he waved everytime!
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Great shots, my favorite is the one of 6872.
Thanks, I like how that one turned out too!
Excellent shots...the NG's look lovely:tup:
Thanks, OG hator. ;)
Excellent pix... Q-23 also got one of those new hybrid electric babies, :P!
Thanks, and I hate LGA Hybrids OG and NG, the NG will get wrecked in a few weeks, maybe less.
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